juried boucheron

I am not telling you anything, I have already expressed my delusions d & rsquo; love for retro and vintage things kept small by my grandmother here, leaves and again leaves.

En fait, I come from d & rsquo; a family that keeps everything from generation (and this since the 19th century, Yes Madam !). And that makes things in the family attic, there are uniforms of the two wars, boxes full of pairs of gloves, nightdresses, old collectors papers (that & rsquo; we like to imagine that & rsquo; they have great value), discs in bakelite, tissue tips I n & rsquo; not identify (but what could it served ?), old magazines, newspaper clippings, old chaissettes. To believe that nobody & rsquo; never anything sorted : and c & rsquo; is what makes its charm. It is very inspiring fouilli, j & rsquo; always have the feeling that & rsquo; there is a box I n & rsquo; have not searched, and, after trying to tidy everything, I said no, someone & rsquo; one will be glad behind me d & rsquo; excavate and d & rsquo; imagine that & rsquo; he'll make great discoveries.

My big chance in all this c & rsquo; is that I'm the only one among the little ones my grandmother gardetout to be like her, j & rsquo; therefore have space to snoop as that & rsquo; it pleases me and ask, when I do a find, if I can keep.

Here is a small selection of my loot the weekend :

Beautiful cotton shirts galore.

The certificate & rsquo; back my great great aunt studies.

An old box of cheap.

A suitcase full of leather belts.

White leather gloves of all sizes.

Newspaper clippings whose contents m & rsquo; amusing enough.

All colors of hat boxes.

A wool turban years 20.

Un corset rose très marie antoinette.

Unused silk stockings.

gloves with pretty wooden buttons.

collars, collars, collars, fully boxes filled collar !

D & rsquo; other albums postcards granny georgette.

Images that will soon fill this blog.

Deeply my next mission weasel in the attic !!

More & rsquo; images on my album photo..