My heart stroke perso, this girl was bubbly and had a classy

Since May, I represent Paris on Blog capitals Galeries Lafayette alongside Susie (London), Leandra (New York) and Veronica (Milan). Hu hu I feel like a little turd next to Susie and Leandra ^^

But let. Les galaf (as we say a bit of time in Paris) renewed this year “world's greatest fashion show” (just that, sacred title) who had impressed the & rsquo; last year. J’avoue, j & rsquo; had followed from a distance and do not realize the & rsquo; magnitude of the thing. The principle : people like you and me are selected by their Guedin look to participate in a big parade on the Boulevard Haussmann with walking courses, makeup, coiffure, repetition, catwalk, photographers, and all the public fuss.

See you at the Palais Brongniart at the beginning of & rsquo; last Thursday afternoon to follow the preparations and do the little mouse with my camera. I didn & rsquo; not at all expecting that this event glue me as banana, j & rsquo; was pretty skeptical and good humor that reigned in the palace m & rsquo; has contaminated.

I realized observing all participants that c & rsquo; is EXACTLY what I & rsquo; love and defend in fashion : du fun ! For me fashion c & rsquo; is primarily a game, c & rsquo; s is for & rsquo; fun, please do not take themselves seriously. The mannequins of the day came with pals, with their lovers, their best friend, s & rsquo; were concocted homemade costume, or their sharpest look. It chatting, it is recoiffe, eyes flutter beneath the glitter and brushes of 50 makeup artists commissioned to the & rsquo; event… There is a pretty incredible effervescence.

J & rsquo; acids had heard some comments about this event : “not really a parade, nor truly fashion”. For me it & rsquo; quite the opposite, I felt much more for me to watch these preparations in n & rsquo; any backstage fashion week.

And while some looks n & rsquo; have nothing to envy Lady gaga, although c & rsquo; was sometimes a bit too much or bad taste, c & rsquo; was refreshing. People were thoroughly, it was a pleasure to see.

As for the parade, I must also confess that I & rsquo;'ve had a great time. I like to think that I'm mean, I m & rsquo; expecting to spit a little venom in my beard and laugh while not, j & rsquo; was touched and appreciative. Some were there to s & rsquo; fun, d & rsquo; other super shy to prove something, there is also the who & rsquo; & rsquo air; having done this all their lives. Impressive.

J & rsquo; like being surprised !