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No trip to London without refueling Marks & Spencer je disais hier : and although this time I don & rsquo; have not done this for half my p & rsquo; tits guys ! These are kilos of food that I & rsquo;'ve brought in my bags american apparel (meilleur amie de la shoppeuse lâchée à Londres).

It must be said that & rsquo; there are very strong at M&S, with their well worked pretty little packaging, their salads and fresh sandwiches. Even if I & rsquo; always have a little list in my head, always come s & rsquo; add a host & rsquo; unexpected.

In my list of must haves ago : du chocolate truffle (to heat and cover with ice, miaaam), of mint candy in a small tin box, cheese bread and the & rsquo; garlic, des digestive biscuits (for cheesecake), the thick cream veeeeeery (du Devon), du cheddar…

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This time I let myself be fooled by their radius “Pastry ingredients”, c’est simple, j & rsquo;'ve almost bought any : des mini marshmallow pour brownie, candied cherries, du royal icing (frosting for my cupcakes), decorative frosting tube (to make designs), du vermicelle, Flower waters d & rsquo; orange, with rose, in & rsquo; almonds to flavor cakes (yes it was the same in France but small vials were too adorable).


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And then j & rsquo; have lost all common sense, like j & rsquo; was organizing a small family brunch the next day, j & rsquo; had a good excuse to bring all : Small sausages English, des baked beans, pancake syrup, caramel spreads, cakes in you want in here… Chow kilos I say…


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Enfin, there is another obligatory stop in all my trips to London : before taking the & rsquo; eurostar, la boutique Peyton & Byrne à St Pancras. Their jams are to die for and compete easier with those of my grandmothers. Strawberry is one of the best that I & rsquo; have ever eaten, to the wise…