Last week I & rsquo;'ve found my perfume…Finally..! A feminine scent, flowery, almost sweet but sweet, soft… I thought that I & rsquo; was just someone & rsquo; n & rsquo one that, had no need of perfume, contenting myself occasionally d & rsquo; & rsquo a little; light cologne.

As what we always learn self.

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When I & rsquo; felt different components of Flora Nymphea c & rsquo; was like we had gathered all that I & rsquo; love : flower & rsquo; orange, seringua and honey. This m & rsquo; recalled memories d & rsquo; childhood, the seringua under which we had made a hut with my grandmother, Honey room with my great grandfather and orange flower of my mom's pancakes…

The fragrance finally c & rsquo; is really a gift case.


J & rsquo; at the same time I had the pleasure of discovering for the first time where I Guerlain n & rsquo; had never set foot. I stood off to the shelves with bottles & rsquo; old, and the grand hall of mosaic, as light, liquid and spectacular c & rsquo; was truly sublime !





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The brand that launches its 5th with Flora Nymphea Aqua Allegoria * (yo vive le latin !) was presenting the short film d & rsquo; & rsquo entertainment that they have created for the & rsquo; occasion.

To be quite honest, I don & rsquo; have not really hung : j & rsquo; liked the beginning, very dark, high contrast, whose first images m & rsquo; have some recalled the & rsquo; atmosphere of Sin City and I & rsquo; liked the end, slight, dream… But in between… C & rsquo; was just too much between two, worked very c & rsquo; is certain, with this little craft that makes the side touching but not enough for my taste affirmed.

But that & rsquo; not matter, j & rsquo; have my perfume :D

*J & rsquo; d think it & rsquo; also have many hooked to two other Aqua Allegoria : Tiare Mimosa and Pamplona (grapefruit bergamot). In fact I don & rsquo; have not found that & rsquo; perfume, j & rsquo;'ve found MA perfume collection !

Edit to con heads : This N & rsquo; NOT a sponsored ticket I don & rsquo; have not been paid to write this post, even less been obliged to do so. J & rsquo; abhors the practice and I & rsquo; enough said !