Instagram – 2 May 2012

Sometimes I & rsquo; & rsquo have the; printing scatter me in every corner, to go right, darken left, not knowing choose. I got a little overdrive on internet : j & rsquo; have a blog here, a blog is, and so 2 different mailboxes. I post photos here, but also mon flickr because I & rsquo; s got & rsquo; used to do.

When I & rsquo; feel like saying something stupid immediately, I say hard on twitter. Quad j & rsquo; I want to say a very big shit I say to my friends on facebook.

When I & rsquo; I want to show a nice thing I found on the net on the job mon Tumblr, if I have under my nose in the street I send it on instagram, Finally, if I & rsquo; have the network, if I keep it for later.

When I take pictures I often shared, j & rsquo; have my DSLR with me, but my iphone, and sometimes I shoot the same subject with the two, in case. C & rsquo; is a mess…

J & rsquo; & rsquo have the d & rsquo impression have little pieces of my life just exploded all over the internet, and when my grandfather wonder why I post a picture of my plate bird dessert Sunday lunch, I struggle a bit to explain… A part que ça m’amuse.


~ Click on each image to see & rsquo; original and its author ~

Occasionally, I do not understand myself even : I hate Valentine, and yet, j this week & rsquo; just want to bathe with you pretty things, marshmallow and good feelings… Along with some sarcasm course (but you never know, sometimes I feel l & rsquo; d & rsquo soul a little sugar heart).

So full of good feelings, I made a collection & rsquo; rosy pictures on flickr ! They are almost all from the group : the pink project, j & rsquo; have rather had the easy task. Enjoy ;)

by .Cherish by kittypinkstars by Matilda Su by alastairslade by Hayley_Bouchard by Night Reader - Away from computer for 2 weeks by VonMurr by ghiro1234 by KTImages by VonMurr by r e n a t a by S h e l l y