girl boy

There is the fashion for girls – girls and fashion for girls – boys. Understand that there & rsquo; there are looks that & rsquo; we leave for girlfriends and those that & rsquo; we go out for buddies, duuuuu not all the same.

Lesbian, we remade parades, it adheres to the most unlikely parts, s it & rsquo; exchange pipes, it swoons before a fluorescent pink princess necklace based hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii haaaaaaaaaaaaaa tulastrouvé oùùùùùùùù ??? It is part of the same species, we understand each other.

The boys c & rsquo; s another story : they look all that a raised eyebrow, trying to understand how it was possible to € 200 in a piece of tissue that clearly puts us in a trance, swaying and without appeal : “c & rsquo; s ugly”. Continue reading