I'm a big talkative, but I prefer to say I'm talkative, it's prettier and c & rsquo; is truer (because & rsquo; in addition a lot about, j & rsquo; have a good flow)…And without exception the first two hours in the morning when it is better not to ask me questions, I am a real chatterbox : always something to say, on everything and n & rsquo; anything.

J & rsquo; started early, my mother likes to say that & rsquo; to 9 months pediatrician wrote on my health card “gibberish developed”, and that & rsquo; to 18 mois, while my cousin had the same age 2 vocabulary (analysis including benchmarking et tateu), I was saying “ja'll put my cardigan”. A real little monkey scientist, unbearable…

All my school reports tell the same thing “talkative”, “too talkative”, “too much chatter”… Too many things to say that could not wait for recess. Fortunately, sometimes I left some space in my daydream, it gave some respite to my class neighbors.

In high school, I found myself a nice boyfriend taciturn monologue which leaves me at will and which plague aujourd & rsquo; hui when I want to get into great discussions at midnight : I am painful, mais c’est comme ça, has to come out !

Yes c & rsquo; it's a little fact, I can not help myself, when it comes, I can not restrain myself long time and suddenly, I brace myself a little know if I'll get drunk everyone… But OK, this n & rsquo; is not you who will complain, if j n & rsquo; not have so much to say I don & rsquo; certainly have never opened this blog !