Inrocks Black XS Festival in & rsquo; Olympia

Last night I & rsquo; & rsquo was in; Olympia un festival. I do not know any of the artists in & rsquo; displays, j & rsquo; like surprises :)

Whenever I find myself in a concert hall, c & rsquo; s like when I go to the movies, je me dis : rholaaaaaa (yes I am rattling ptits of cromagnon) I must do this more often, what's the point if d & rsquo; to live in Paris ?

And then j & rsquo; & rsquo and I forget; not worry. C’est Ballot !

J There & rsquo; have made discoveries that m & rsquo; loved it : crush on Prince Miiaou ♥.

And every time I'm in a concert hall, I realize that c & rsquo; sometimes the & rsquo; m lighting & rsquo; hypnotizes more. Sometimes I don & rsquo; even more listening music, I watch the pink reflections on the faces, instruments that sparkle and light lines that cross the stage.

It is rare that I & rsquo; all that happens to capture with my camera d & rsquo; as much as I feel tiny next to their arsenal pro photographers and d & rsquo; competition goals. But when I feel I m & rsquo; approach, it n & rsquo; are more music, more concert, j & rsquo;'m staring at my screen and I stupidly mouse.