Beach, cocktail and politics were the watchwords for this weekend (magazine standard)

*Yes I know the I & rsquo; have already made on twitter ! But as everyone thought I was a moldy pun to mother duck and her little basic, I want to deny, c & rsquo; was a reference to Friends. And to tell you, I don & rsquo; had not even blown the link between the two by writing it, well I'm turkey (to stay in the lower courtyard register).

Bref ! J & rsquo; spent my weekend in Cannes, invited to the villa schweppes for many beach parties and evenings up & rsquo; at the end of the night, boat rides or rolls on the Croisette.

I, who am not very show off and were quite d & rsquo; prior to that world I must admit that I had fun, and instead of asking me cynical spectator like j & rsquo; s & rsquo have; usually do in this type of & rsquo; d & rsquo place; I had a great time. Comme quoi, sometimes we have of misconceptions about people, universes that & rsquo; bad and we know it's good to realize that & rsquo; it was wrong !

Here are some pictures of my first day there with the program a nice sailboat, the beach, a ride on the Croisette, few drinks at the villa of inrocks and a wild evening at the Villa Schweppes. With Mathieu, Betty and Alix to make lots of jokes at the con based on what did you expect :) (and the transition, a big thank you to the team Schweppes and to Osmani for the weekend endiablé).