My sister

My sister, I don & rsquo; not much talk here… Oh sure, j & rsquo; have often wanted to do nothing but n & rsquo; is still out, j & rsquo; have so much to say about our relationship, I don & rsquo; not able to sort.

And on seeing the & rsquo; another day photo at Anne-so I told myself that I & rsquo; was very foolish not to the & rsquo; making. This is a moment that I was talking to do a shoot with her until j & rsquo; loves his sober and yet sought, to talk d & rsquo; it also, but by dint of pushing it n & rsquo; has done nothing… Alors, without trying to sort my thoughts, j & rsquo; felt like after these pictures d & rsquo; it, d & rsquo; write some.

My sister, c & rsquo; is much more than & rsquo; a better friend to me, we went through a lot of things together, and despite a d & rsquo crisis difficult teen, it has always been there l & rsquo; one for & rsquo; another. Share a room, although c & rsquo; is sometimes quite hard (j & rsquo; was unbearable, it m & rsquo; was christened “Hitler”), it creates links I assure you !

C & rsquo; is a rare person who understands what I & rsquo; have in my mind at a glance, and can be taken d & rsquo; a huge laugh with me without anyone around us understand why. She knows all my foibles, my every weakness, and I hers and that it bothers us.

And even if s & rsquo; love, hate it that people find that & rsquo; we like because & rsquo; s it & rsquo; is always found really different : c & rsquo; is simple, stop saying that we c & rsquo; is !




Petite, she was already quite tidy while I looked like Mowgli, she was very wise when I climbed on furniture, she was very sweet so that I & rsquo; had an exasperating voice and hair on the tongue.

And then we grew up… She more than I d & rsquo; elsewhere, difficult to digest for years. She began m & rsquo; learn things, mine, GRANDE his sister and did not like me at all. She found her style, his inspirations and references before me and for a long time, without telling him j & rsquo; s tried & rsquo; imitate.

Today, it is not a week goes by that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; & rsquo calls and that; we'll see. Oh, I assure you, s it & rsquo; berates lot, on create, you cry, slamming the door (well mostly it), even aujourd & rsquo; hui, under the stunned gaze of our beloved. And 1/4 d & rsquo; s hour later we & rsquo; with a little voice called to say that & rsquo; it is desolate and that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; love.

We are given nicknames morons incomprehensible to the common man and it, it amuses us.

And then my sister, c & rsquo; is someone & rsquo; a special : she proclaimed to be the reincarnation of & rsquo; a little dog named desert when she Hamalaram 2 years and counting, c & rsquo; is not common…

Who says better ?