Like any good student of applied art that I & rsquo; was, j & rsquo; have had for 5 a magic Sesame years : a d & rsquo card of student & rsquo; s, that m & rsquo; opened the doors of all the museums in the city of Paris, and free… Happiness ! J & rsquo; had more, a map to go to Beaubourg I was paying with my p & rsquo; tits in, as you say that I & rsquo; have seen exhibitions in Paris (but you already know My opinion on the matter) !! And even if it n & rsquo; is not very politically correct, I have to say no, I don & rsquo; not like museums (but OK, I don & rsquo; invent anything, Lui slate, thought that & rsquo; it was “burn museums”, I am that & rsquo; a small player). Continue reading