When talking me jewels, I do not know why I say whenever I hate it and I'm not interested… C & rsquo; Strange, I always do that which n & rsquo; not like that then & rsquo; basically I am well aware that all that glitters m & rsquo; draws.

I m & rsquo; was made into account when d & rsquo; a tour of the House of Boucheron, where j & rsquo; had even played disinterested… Up & rsquo; to that & rsquo; it makes me try a ring, then two, and a tiara… J & rsquo; had almost come to snatch a recalcitrant button on my jacket could try a diamond necklace, like crazy.

If you also love that shines and you do not know what to do aujourd & rsquo; hui, I recommend the & rsquo; BVLGARI expo at the Grand Palace. J & rsquo; went there Thursday night during the opening and I don & rsquo; was not disappointed. J & rsquo; was completely blown away by the & rsquo; installation under the great dome and scenography (jewelry in the dark, with a nice work d & rsquo; lighting).

? Voir toutes les photos ?


I & rsquo s not you, did not say, but since more & rsquo; one month, j & rsquo; have changed a bit of life. And in this new life I & rsquo; have again time for the pleasure d & rsquo; go expos week. I am demanding, I know, but the shows in Paris on Saturday c & rsquo; is quite unbearable, and me it makes me flee.

So you will now certainly have more reports d & rsquo; expos here. Today & rsquo; hui l & rsquo; Marie Antoinette exhibition at the Grand Palace.

(eh not, pas de sneak pics, j & rsquo; did not want to make me tear by a guard – and note that I & rsquo; have made this picture before & rsquo; have my camera of death that kills).

D & rsquo; ordinary, the Grand Palace I n & rsquo;'ll never, because even during the week sometimes you confront a monstrous cock in & rsquo; entry. And as I usually decides on a whim d & rsquo; go get a show, I never reservation in & rsquo; advance to have a world cup.

But then I knew that & rsquo; n & rsquo expo; not necessarily attracted crowds, j & rsquo; have therefore attempted the shot. And I & rsquo; loved.

The scenography of & rsquo; theatrical exhibition is veeeeeery, and one is constantly on stage, to walk the scenery. These are d & rsquo; first of interconnecting rooms in which we discover youth Marie Antoinette, Vienna then when he arrived at court. C & rsquo; then in the middle d & rsquo; painted decoration of the gardens of Versailles, accompanied by some d & rsquo chants bird that & rsquo; one discovers her life at court, the small trianon. And after a long descent d & rsquo; a spiral staircase (figure de style ?) c & rsquo; is the fall that is told. The last room, whose walls converge towards the end that & rsquo; known, is dark, and & rsquo; lighting plunges us into the drama. J & rsquo; have been very touched by watching the objects that belonged to Marie Antoinette during her captivity, lotto game the dolphin also. These objects are indeed displayed in shop windows recessed in the wall, which force the viewer to s & rsquo; get close to watch, he finds himself alone for a moment in front of them, which creates a certain proximity. We can not not s & rsquo; stop for a moment to the hairdresser Marie Antoinette and not look in putting himself in his place. C & rsquo; is very troubling.

I came away from this exhibition with prints, and the sense of & rsquo; sharing something, lived a simple but sometimes intense moment with Marie Antoinette.

Go for it, l & rsquo; & rsquo exhibition lasts until; the 30 June. More details here..