Last post on London, this is nothing Mine 2 weeks I gave you Londonneries, but I & rsquo; had so much to tell you :)

This time, I make you a little compilation of all that I & rsquo; really like in this city, my little favorite places, my favorite pictures and also at the end some tips for those who rely s & rsquo; be reached soon.

What I & rsquo; love in London… :

– Power micro short walk without me whistling or feel ill at & rsquo; comfortable, English running around half naked anyway, I did that & rsquo; a small player next.

– People s & rsquo; ignore least in the metro and are much more courteous that & rsquo; in Paris, vraiment.


– Place Neal & rsquo; s Yard, where he must to eat one evening when the weather is nice, s and & rsquo; buy English cheese (if so it is very good). Monthy Python lived there more, c if it & rsquo; is not an argument :)

– The delicacies, and food in general, but this, I you l & rsquo; have this and repeat.

– Watch unabashed looks of londonniennes, and style of Londoners, acting innocently, s it & rsquo; s really more fun that & rsquo; in Paris, where jeans and white T-shirt is the ultimate nlasse…


– Chinatown : j & rsquo; déouvert have this little corner of Soho during my previous trip, j & rsquo; love spend.



– The little toy shop on Portobello Road near the bridge, not a visit to Notting hill without making an unnecessary purchase !

– Cheshire street, to do if you don & rsquo;'re never been on the side of Brick Lane.

– And of course all that & rsquo; oxford street offer as temptation : topshop, Urban Outfitters…

And here are some tips if you plan to soon cross the English Channel : Continue reading



The first time I went to London, Our hotel was near the & rsquo; St Paul's Church, close to the city. But the & rsquo; crazy atmosphere that I m ​​& rsquo; m imagined reign there & rsquo; had to flee the area of ​​London : not my thing I m & rsquo; was told.

As j & rsquo; had wrongly ! With that Hachette Guide * j & rsquo; had tested a few months earlier, Vianney and I discovered this area in & rsquo; hallucinating architecture. Marjolaine Koch, l & rsquo; m author of this walk & rsquo; confided that c & rsquo; was by far his favorite, and I & rsquo;'ve done really well of & rsquo; listen.

J & rsquo; suprise actually, I m & rsquo; waiting for buildings, des buildings, des buildings, offices which spin you torticollis, very pretentious statues, busy people, du stress… But I don & rsquo; saw nothing of it.

J & rsquo;'ve seen churches, churches, churches (there are fifty in the city), rub shoulders with buildings & rsquo; impressive modern architecture.


And as we walked there in the late afternoon around 19h, c & rsquo; is chatting English amid a handmade beer in tiny streets we discovered this special atmosphere. With this nice weather we would almost raw in the streets of Lisbon, and I told myself never to Paris I n & rsquo; had seen so after work relaxation… Ah those English, I love them !
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* Hunts and puzzles in London : I highly recommend this guide, which is very well done, it offers d & rsquo; excellent walks. By careful against, not to do evil awakened morning, or late in the day if you have sore legs, s it & rsquo; quickly angry if we do not find the & rsquo; puzzle that lets you get to the & rsquo; next step… Any ressemblence with a small person is coincidental existed…




London in brief, before full reports, it gives bulk and frenglish :

– Fruits and vegetables are so gooood England, I envy the English mama mia ! My first strawberries of good & rsquo; year = from Marks & Spencer (and stand, fuck my Paris premiere overpriced passage).

– Of Full English Breakfast very fat but to exonerate Smoothie : has been, ridicule !

– Unreasonable purchases based cute stuff, unnecessary cups, boxes that take up space in the luggage, nodes-nodes sweaters, blazer I n & rsquo; have no need, kids gadgets…

– Des markets, markets, markets : Borough Market, Spitafield Market, Greenwich Market, Camden Lock Market… London weekend what…

-Bonus track : An indecent assault at Spitalfields Market, thanks to my shoulder bag who kindly brought up my dress above the navel in my open trench : 5 minutes wandering among the stalls at the panties & rsquo; air : Shocking o_O

Promised, demain, a real account :P