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S & rsquo; there is indeed something on which j & rsquo; have cracked this season, they are printed miu miu. While in London when I & rsquo; saw this playsuit “very inspired” a fashion editor in the backstage d & rsquo; a parade I gave myself the task of coming away with. Done since the day that pretty little things coming home Miss Selfridges*.

As he peeled his mother Friday j & rsquo; was a little covered my pretty combi and as the & rsquo; said a small very unhappy granny crossing the passage Jouffroy “if I & rsquo; had known that c & rsquo; was heated j & rsquo; would not come”. So unfortunately you will not see much in these photos, but n & rsquo; is that postponed. Meanwhile I leave you with some images of this wonderful place : its miniature shop windows, its booksellers and glass through which a pretty light filter.

? See all the & rsquo; album ?


– Combishort Miss selfridges, sac vintage, manteau gap, umbrella topshop –









? See all the & rsquo; album ?

Pour ma part, I still do not get tired of my little loved flowers coat (Gap, bought it 5 years old) and my satchel in which I can store everything as if it & rsquo; was the bag of Mary Poppins !

* En parlant de Miss Selfridges, I'm desperate search for the pair & rsquo; white shoes with the nodes page & rsquo; shoe Home the brand site (those worn with polka dot socks). HOLE-IN-VABLES ! Someone & rsquo; have a pipe ?



Ce week end, avec d & rsquo; others small friends bloggers, j & rsquo; was in London for the start of fashion week, the show of young designers. The sun, sweet cupcakes, delusional looks and good humor were at the appointment, I brought in a few high color photos.

I'm not a great expert on fashion, I m & rsquo; are interested recently and gradually discovers his world. Outside the parade Dyce Kayek ago 2 years I n & rsquo; did little shows in my life, j & rsquo; was very attentive, ears in & rsquo; lookout, l & rsquo; & rsquo in the eye; always objective and I don & rsquo; was not disappointed.

Looking at the reports on fashion shows or in magazines I realize that & rsquo; it misses almost everything in, because we remain focused on clothes. I was pretty pretentious term “show” to qualify the parades so that & rsquo; it is well deserved. But that I had to see it to really understand it I think. The work of staging, la lumière, music, l & rsquo; attitude mannequins, all this forms a coherent and is indeed a spectacle in itself.

Yes I'm a little novice I know, but it must be the & rsquo; to be at one time or another :) Bref… I snuck up every time & rsquo; after catwalks to meddle photographers. Everyone defends its territory in the same way that the guests sitting, c & rsquo; is quite fun to see. D & rsquo; as much as j & rsquo;'ve always managed to place me pretty well while I missed all my photos, but nobody chuuuut & rsquo; saw I think.

In the end, looking at my pictures I realize I don & rsquo; have not really looked clothing, I'm more focused on me & rsquo; ambience, j & rsquo; hope these pictures will give you a good idea of ​​what I & rsquo; saw (yet that I & rsquo; have so missed pictures you will not see much…)

Here for aujourd & rsquo; hui, clichés d & rsquo; a snack during organized an exhibition of the performer stylist “Johnny blue eyes” (j & rsquo; love that name, so funny !) For those (comme moi) who did not know the gentleman, he worked with Beth Ditto, Lady Gaga ou encore The Scissor Sisters. You begin to see the thing not ? We will start smoothly with the & rsquo; so British atmosphere and peace and love places (musical atmosphere : all you need is love des Beatles).





(Louise completely won by the & rsquo; Hippie atmosphere of the place)




Quelques nice cups of tea :)



And some crazy people

Once this small sample taken, characters exposed to the four corners of the room gathered around Johnny blue eyes (je ne m’en lasse pas), some guru blue glittery face, some armed with sweet nuts & rsquo; a microphone and perched on golden thigh. They then marched through all the joy, the cries and good humor. The English really reinforce my idea that my clothes c & rsquo; is definitely for a laugh and nothing is to be taken too seriously.



Went zou, everyone in the hall !













Good gone, it's not bad for aujourd & rsquo; hui. You took sequined, butterfly wings and eyes full color. Following the adventures the next episode !



Which is nice when we went to London on a weekend, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; one can enjoy the markets. This time I went 4 days, j & rsquo; therefore had ample time d & rsquo; go for a walk, reserving weekdays for shopping in oxford circus…

~Borough Market~

Friday, I really wanted to do this Borough market that we had found closed during Desert our last London trip. J & rsquo; had heard so much about the fruit and vegetable stands, of meat, and madness in & rsquo; lunch where everyone comes to look for a snack… Well I don & rsquo; was not disappointed : no one knew where to turn, the sweets, rolls, the many stalls organic vegetables, fresh fruit juices, fishmongers, butchers…
[imagebrowser id=246]

It was nice to have nice markets in France, I do not know why, j & rsquo; I found it very different : less garish, many prepared dishes, salads, soups that give the & rsquo; mouth water.
After hesitating for a moment at what we stand we would buy delicious lunch, we opted for the sandwich “salted beef” that was a real massacre, with award-winning bread and meat s & rsquo; please.


~Greenwich Market~

[imagebrowser id=247] L & rsquo; afternoon we made a trip to Greenwich where I & rsquo; was pleasantly surprised : the market there was small but charming, surrounded d & rsquo; adorable shops (where j & rsquo; bought my small cups cat and panda). C & rsquo; was very quiet in comparison to the Borough Market, and we ate delicious ice cream before & rsquo; ask us to go to the park.


~Portobello road Market~

[imagebrowser id=248] Saturday, j & rsquo; wanted to redo the market at Portobello road, one who stands at the weekend in the middle of the street, and whoever is at the end. J & rsquo; I was a little disappointed by the d & rsquo market power which j & rsquo; had a much better memory (but OK, after the market necessarily borough…) and the market as m & rsquo bridge less packed, even if I & rsquo; almost got away with a pretty dress from Liberty Millau (which illustrates the previous post), My favorite little booth on the market.


~Camden Market~

[imagebrowser id=249] Sunday morning, we went to Camden where I n & rsquo; had never set foot. One m & rsquo; had said that it would please me, but I & rsquo; was very disappointed, j & rsquo; I found it too touristy and then all signs “no pictures” m & rsquo; more than upset. When m & rsquo; to prevent the j & rsquo photos; have the & rsquo; & rsquo impression that; I am deprived d & rsquo; right, and I sulked…


~ Spitafield & Brick Lane Market~

Enfin, l & rsquo; afternoon we made a trip to Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane market where as I l ​​& rsquo; have said, j & rsquo; I showed my panties to all passersby because d & rsquo; a little facetious dress. I don & rsquo; there have not bought anything since the end of the weekend, we already had our account and CB was getting the mug. But they are very cool and there are pretty things, to do so.


If you decide to markets in London, careful not to make them in n & rsquo; any order either. Some open on Friday, c & rsquo; s time to & rsquo; go without too crowded, d & rsquo; others only on Saturday or Sunday. It is worth checking before you go, Here are the days and hours & rsquo; open markets : Continue reading