Bow Bra – The cherry blossom girl pour Etam

I was a little hesitant, but I so want to make a little nod to Alix for its nice collection that bim, here is a little picture of me in lingerie today.

Since we all blogs, it is a lot going on ! Not always classes, or successful. So when Alix, any concerned showed me photos of his work for Etam in the plane to Melbourne I thought whaaaa ! For once I will not be ashamed to be “blogger”.

His work, the design of the collection, the choice of materials and fabrics, pictures, the video, and best of all the pretty tissue paper “cherry blossom girl” that enveloped my order, I think everything is perfect.

The attention to detail and talent, it can not be improvised…




The snow… C & rsquo; always (pour moi) a nice surprise left by the night outside my door, the little gift that & rsquo; expected any year rsquo; year, gladly kid I never get tired. Après… I live in Paris, I don & rsquo; not have to take my car, roads emprumpter, nor to walk in the cold too long. Snow I l & rsquo; therefore love.

To take some pictures in the unfortunately whiteness, j & rsquo; took out my special snow boots, ma petite bubble skirt H&M (hounded for weeks in all shops of the capital) and my little nightie poppies. With my friend Laetitia we even moved a mirror in & rsquo; & rsquo grass for; occasion, and yeah !


– Jupe H&M, Babydoll Etam, Bottines Chie Mihara, Topshop Belt, T-shirt & Uniqlo tights –






? Voir toutes les photos ?


There are two weeks j & rsquo; did a good thing with my fiance sympatoche : a real photo shoot. Finally we will be able to remove the photo boards christmas family photos 2002 where he mouth open and one eye closed me, whew ! A la place, mamie, tata dad and Brownie will hang a picture of us much more glam !

Voir toutes les photos

Oh non, I don & rsquo; have not the means & rsquo; organize something like, c & rsquo; is through Misshello who welcomed us into his delicious Showroom cloud girls for the launch of the collection Etam wo(man). I am quite a fan of this kind of unisex look (pour moi, the top of the sexyness, c & rsquo; d & rsquo is a shirt, man on woman), and c & rsquo; since this event is that I & rsquo; have decided to wear more hats.

Long live dinderies couple !

P.S : all the pictures on shootings Fashion fit.