[imagebrowser=65] Tea c & rsquo; is something that boys do not always understand (il y a des exceptions, fortunately). A good strong coffee and c & rsquo; left. Moi, the morning if I n & rsquo; not have my tea n & rsquo; not even try to talk to me… C & rsquo; is a sweet moment, I really wonder, I shake my little where pink cup that warms my hands, I am calm and serene because I & rsquo; have my dose.Je hate being disturbed when I take my tea, and I can not take when I work.

The best teas of the remaining weekend, where j & rsquo; have the pleasure of went my little tea set with porcelain cups handmade s & rsquo; please, its cobbled and cracked teapot, his little pot of milk, sugars and recently, its small flowered spoons. All placed on my tray designed by habitat Ibride.

And tea, c & rsquo; s even better if c & rsquo; is Saturday, qu’on se pose, that & rsquo; drinking in pretty cups, and that & rsquo; one is between copines.Parce that & rsquo; we understand, that & rsquo; one is between drugged, and that & rsquo; it claps his hands together when the & rsquo; a d & rsquo; us has a wonderful new fragrance us discover. J & rsquo; love tea.

Surely because I & rsquo; always saw my mom and his s & rsquo; stop at 17h to exit the & rsquo; paraphernalia and cookies, surely also because it's very British and certainly because I'm a fan of & rsquo; Alice. With a sugar and a dash of milk s & rsquo; please !

(And for the curious, my drug of me c & rsquo; is the full moon tea (Wedding brothers), delicately scented with the & rsquo; almond, with small blue flowers.)