Short break to design & rsquo; hour of madness balances. When I & rsquo; s got my degree & rsquo; last year the seasons thême, j & rsquo; have used a lot of changing materials, that react to different factors such as & rsquo; humidity, the heat, the time… C & rsquo; is perhaps why I am aujourd & rsquo; hui very attracted by the work of those who use d & rsquo; a different way, to tell d & rsquo; other stories, with more or less poetry. The work of graphic / design Schuyan there is in this vein : poetry, of life, meaning.

His wallpaper uses heat sensitive inks that materialize by flowering pattern that & rsquo; we do not see : the heat. Simple, may be useless, but certainly a very poetic way d & rsquo; animate daily, d & rsquo; bring some d & rsquo; hope in a long and cold winter…

Le poster “life is beautiful” also reacts to heat, but for that, must touch, a way to make us act directly on & rsquo; object, l & rsquo; ornament and give it life, as s & rsquo; he reacted, that & rsquo; he had feelings…

The graphics and typography work is admirable, to watch closely on son site.