I do not know if you've noticed this also contradictory that a lot of sense : the most stylish girls often have a terrible wardrobe, messy, and worthy of & rsquo; be revamped by the mother Damidot (…). J’ai souvenir d’un article de 20 years that Lou Doillon (who had 16 years at the & rsquo; time) presented its “placard” which took over the dump as dressing d & rsquo; Eva Longoria : pile of used clothes wrinkled, rows clothes in trash bags, c & rsquo; foutoire was a true and yet I n & rsquo; m & could have rsquo; prevent drooling over his quickdraw already inspired. And I wondered if c & rsquo; was always like that : is that the wardrobe is more glamorous, the style is more close to nil, the dressing is more ugly and more c & rsquo; is ?

Mine is still looking for an organization… I will l & rsquo; showed, but more for decoration that & rsquo; else there are several months, in & rsquo; time when everything was stowed by “genre” and size (shorts through the shirt, up & rsquo; the dress below the knee).
And this summer, after m & rsquo; be relished images storage rainbow on flickr and seeing a subtle girl the plunge by arranging his library by color order, j & rsquo;'ve decided that I & rsquo; was going to do the same for my wardrobe. Continue reading