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A lesser known Park Castle, Do you recognize it ?

I've done quite a few blogs on Disneyland Paris on this blog (I would say a good fortnight in almost 10 years old). I know that you like, and that it also annoys some.

I am very attached to this park, I go there since the opening : I had gone to the front first the 12 avril 1992 with a friend whose mother was a pharmacist who had tickets by a provider. I still remember what I wore that day : a black rider and a red T-shirt with a zebra (It fought for this T-shirt with my sister).

Then we went there every year, It was our Christmas by my favorite aunt gift, always for an unknown date. It landed on a weeknight with my uncle and told us : make your bags, We will recover your cousin, tomorrow you dry school, We're going to Disneyland. It was hysterical with my sister it was the crazy every time.


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Adult, I'm back as soon as I was able, and when they launched the annual pass I started to go there regularly with my homies.

I love this park, I still get to end soon 25 years to discover new things that are there have always. Details in the decoration, activities (I discovered pine only recently while it exists for many years).

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And I still get to be surprised by their performances. Shows which seem to go back to the taste of the day for several years and it is awfully nice.

He has first Disney Dreams, which I have already spoken here, but the new version (that is close enough to the first output for the 20 years of the park) that is amazing. The first time I saw it I got the mouth agape throughout. Last Friday still I was always on the ass, I've also posted a ton of videos on snapchat where it hears me shout and sing. This show is crazy, they do it every night, I find it amazing.

The end of Disney Dreams – crazy !

Then there are the shows at Frontierland. I had talked about the sing-along Frozen last summer, that I had really loved (but I'm a fag frozen I know by heart), There comes out “the forest of Enchantment”, I was invited by the service Park Press this weekend to find out and I also much liked it. The characters who have scenes in the forest come sing their song and in good fan of the book of the jungle and Rapunzel loved. Some of the paintings are amazing : including that of Rapunzel, but I'm not going all you spoiler ^^

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Show : The forest of Enchantment

Enfin, and good this is not brand new but I discovered it in me with rain, There are the Jedi Training Academy, that I had not yet gone see. It's so Chavan ! See small kids to train the lightsaber and then defy Darth Vader. They are so thoroughly. I have no children but I let myself take in the game and I watched it a good twenty minutes it was too cute.

Voilà, I still let me surprise in a place I'm supposed to know by heart, and it is everything I love in life.

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© Ren Rox

Vague // Sugar // Lightheaded

? My little mood favorites : anarchy // lsd // by straying Marie C

It's been that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; had not played it ! When I & rsquo; saw this picture of hallucinogenic Ren Rox (btw awesome photographer) j & rsquo; I immediately thought to remake a small mood of the day.

Derniers moods : Sunlight, Good day sunshine, the kingdom, Underwater, Soon the holidays, Because that's how I go, Recalls

Reminder mood of the principle : // write three words on what the image suggests you (so instead she awakens in you more than what we see in the first reading) //avoid to repeat the words of his cronies, if it comes last is widening more brains :)


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Last week I & rsquo; had my first cavities. 3615 malife Bienvenue. When I went to the dentist, I told him l & rsquo; & rsquo worried that; you had to gently, that c & rsquo; was my ? first time ? ? toutoute first ?? toutoute first. He had a good laugh at my dental blank header.

Buddy Holly – Every day

And if I & rsquo; have discovered that dirt, c & rsquo; thanks to the nice candy blueberry which have stained the little hollow in my molar. Tut tut I arrest you right now that n & rsquo; is not the fault of sweets if I & rsquo; have a hole in my august tooth, j & rsquo; eat as hypoglycemic since 28 years old, if the sweets gave caries I would know !

And as experience new sensations sweet c & rsquo; is my passion, here are my two small strokes heart of the moment ! Le sandwich de guimauve made in Disneyland Paris et les Gourmet Beans tintin !

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The first, you will find that if you go to the park, Vui good sweets is Earned. Boutique Delicious Sweets sur Mainstreet.

For Gourmet Beans, simply drag your mimines to leave boxes of daily monop, they truffent the traps little girls : mini cinnamon rolls, fruit pastes, and the famous Gourmet Jelly Beans.

Not dragees as other, there, happiness in the little purple box, you will find 36 different fragrances, attention c’est parti : Strawberry (normal up & rsquo; here all is well), Butterscotch (yum), Granny Smith apple, Raspberry jam, Lemon and lime, Sour lemon, Blueberry pie (?), Pear, Bubblegum (:P), Caribbean coconut, Wild cherry, Cafe Latte, Caramel popcorn(hiiiiii), Tangerine, Cranberry & apple, Marshmallow, Cinnamon, Tropical punch, Cola, Liquorice, Water melon, Candy floss (?), Pina Colada, Mint sorbet, French vanilla, Passion fruit, Pink grapefruit, Hawaiian Pineapple, Pomegranate, South seas kiwi (?), Peachy pie, Grape, Mango, Strawberry smoothie, English blackberry, Banana split*

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Every little lozenge has its color well to it, the menu and the back of the box to s & rsquo; find your way about. We don & rsquo; not so shoves 4 dragees in his mouth d & rsquo; suddenly like a little dirty, non, we taste each lozenge, by referring to the caption. And faith, they are really super good these little beans, that the tears cinnamon, cotton candy is chemical at will like j & rsquo; love, the blueberry pie really tart taste ! We don & rsquo; not stop the power of artificial flavors !

* Since I'm too nice for quiches I translate in English : Strawberry, Pancake syrup, Granny Apple, raspberry jam, Citron & lime, Soda citron, Blueberry pie, Perry, Chewing gum, Coconuts Caribbean, Wild Cherry, Café Latte, Pop corn caramel, mandarin, Apple & cranberry, Chamallow, Cinnamon, Punch tropical, Cola, Licorice, Melon d & rsquo; water, Cotton candy, Pina Colada, Mint Sorbet, French Vanilla, Fruit de la passion, Pink grapefruit, Hawaiian Pineapple, Grenade, Kiwi South Seas, Pie fishing, Raisin, Mango, strawberry smoothie, English Blackberry, Banana split.