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The dinner, c & rsquo; is when I finally got a little put. I don & rsquo; have almost no memories of snack and cocktail so I papillonnais. When the couple say that & rsquo; they see nothing on D c & rsquo; is true !

There are so many people that & rsquo; we love, that & rsquo; one would like to spend time with each, then passes 5 minutes with & rsquo; a, then is caught by another, and in the end it is hard to focus upon a specific time. Memories are almost nonexistent c & rsquo; is very frustrating !

Then dinner c & rsquo; was time to lay back and enjoy witnesses, des amis, and move from table to table in the lovely bride.

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J & rsquo; had worked the staging tables : striped sets, mismatched plates bought at Emmaus, pretty straws in the glass, the names on butterflies hanging on glasses, few potted flowers (in pretty bombonnières bought at Emmaus), and casseroles (which you will find pdf to print on unbeaujour).

We had also bought the chairs at Emmaus, neighbors of my grandparents had also loaned us, and benches. For tables had simple traiteaux + boards covered with white sheets family. Simple but effective !

And I & rsquo; I forgot that little detail yesterday : I was given the names ptits our guests for that & rsquo; they find their table all alone. Arriving in the woods lil they received a badge with a name : Tinkerbell, Dr Olive, Dorothy, The White Rabbit…etc.

Each table had a theme so, s it & rsquo; was booked Alice in Wonderland for wedding table (Needless to say that was Alice…) and our principal witness took his role very seriously mad hatter by making a headgear is crazy hats with others. C & rsquo; s funny because it is these small details that some guests liked most.

As for the cocktail, we had imagined funny and amazing stuff with Marie. I wanted something cool, we had opted for a barbecue (handy to cook in the woods) and also had imagined owls names of dishes :

Croquettes surprise
Club sandwich de la fôret
Strange roll
Nemo in trouble
L & rsquo; incarnate hell
Hot chick
Backyard fire
Western Spaghetti

It's fun everyone this buffet ! And the barbecue c & rsquo; is taken headless (even if Mary had done that in any delicacy).

And then the night is slowly fell on the little wood, he was beginning to feel like a feast of odor, the boys were on their way and scolded the cake, eager to get out of his refrigerated truck to impress everyone… To be continued

? Some pictures d & rsquo; d & rsquo atmosphere; Anne-so ?

Annette's diner

How does you did not think that I & rsquo; was done with Disneyland… J & rsquo; imagine allergic to Mickey moaning : and I say you wait, we'll talk there bouffe… Aaaaaah I see that everyone is to stop immediately.

With my fiancé, it was an old tradition : we can not go to Disneyland without eating at Annette & rsquo; s THE diner restaurant at the park exit, à disney village.
There was even a time when we tapped 3/4 d & rsquo; s & h to go rsquo; enjoy it, we went to the movies after story saying that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; was not gone that far just for a few hot dogs, milk shakes and ice cream cups. It must also be said that & rsquo; some years ago c & rsquo; was one of the few places where there were vanilla coke, pepsy of cherry and other flavored sodas.

All n & rsquo; is that cream, frying, ice, chantilly, barbecue sauce but everything is d & rsquo; incredible quality, and fiftie & rsquo framework; s happy days is a pure delight. Waitresses dressed d & rsquo; time, servers balladent rollerblading with giant trays, friendly service and quality, I j & rsquo; love.

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J & rsquo; s got & rsquo; & rsquo habit; there order my now traditional milkshake peanut butter-chocolate-whipped (oui, just d & rsquo; d talk & rsquo; hungry anymore) my fiance and a large plate of hot dogs as they are delicious. This time j & rsquo; y added a cheeseburger with grilled bacon and donuts & rsquo; onion and a cup of ice-cake-caramel cookie-chantilly :P

The card also offers some dishes like hallucinating “incredible burger” : 6 meat slices, if you finished it t & rsquo; offer a milkshake (and after you gonna puke j & rsquo; imagine).

Un conseil, test at least once…