A good Sunday for me, c & rsquo; is home, with my fiance and my cats and not much to do. The day starts at 12 am, c & rsquo; is when I & rsquo; opens one eye, for the 5th time in the morning, but this time d & rsquo; opens the & rsquo; another.
I look at the ceiling for a moment without saying anything, and I & rsquo; waiting for my fiance up early to hear through his helmet as his sister woke up. Both say that this n & rsquo; never happens. I then draws me 5 second story that & rsquo; it perceives a movement across the room : He then knows that & rsquo; he must act quickly and rabouler on for a Calinou.



– Check Shirt Monoprix, short H&M, Nail polish O.P.I –

? Voir toutes les photos ?

Towards 14h I usually always in a ball under the covers but this time with my darling Book now, little Sophie baby s & rsquo; then made a place in my arms, it keeps me in bed I don & rsquo; nothing can be. I'm still not going to disturb this little treasure purring.




Around 15h it is finally time to get up to go eat croissants and cheeses purchased by darling d & rsquo; love among small traders of our street. This breakfast lasts a moment, I do not get tired of the good smell of toast and hot chocolate.

16h read but I return in a bath this time, with the & rsquo; Japanese oil that makes white like Cleopatra.

At 18h, j & rsquo;'m soaked and & rsquo; water is cold. C & rsquo; is & rsquo; teatime.

Towards 20h I crack and I'll online

21h my fiance to stop crying and put a movie.

Towards 23h we put a second.

1 hour I still did not sleep for I & rsquo;'ve overslept.

A 2h non plus.

Monday morning is here, heck !


I can ask myself tranquillou my couch with a steaming tea to read a bunch of cool stuff lying around on my table right now :

Guinea fowl living in Paris : J & rsquo; started to peck here and there in the book and I'm in love. No doubts, I became in the & rsquo; space 7 a true Parisian years, and c & rsquo; s good & rsquo; laugh. Qype, portraits and charming small pikes are to discover d & rsquo; emergency.

211 ideas to become a bright girl : what do you mean ? I j & rsquo; buy a book because the coverage is pretty…pfffff…. Bon ok, but then c & rsquo; was too pretty, and I liked the title. Not that I & rsquo; & rsquo have needs, learning to be bright, I see absolute perfection. Not like that I can add to my knowledge many talents bonuses, because I know how to dance with a man smaller than me (will find the d & rsquo; first !), how to get a ready flat for flat house (that's good I never kitchen), how to manage an umbrella caught in the wind (yes c & rsquo; m is idiot but it & rsquo; really interests), ou encore how to strangle a man with my thighs (if I want to become a spy hired killer).

Living shit : I giggled so much on the site vdm, Hidden behind my screen when I worked at the & rsquo; Oreal, that when I & rsquo; saw that the book came out adorned with drawings Pénélope I don & rsquo; could not resist, because if c & rsquo; is nice to laugh at yourself, laugh at others it's still a must !

Good Sunday to all :)