Asos shirt

Chemisier Asos, Jean Miss Sixty*, sac Longchamp*, veste Topshop (ancienne collection) Derbies Garrice, rouge à lèvres Lancôme

I do not often put jeans, I'm pretty short all the team & rsquo; year with maxis wool tights l & rsquo; winter. Yet j & rsquo; have always found it a pretty perfect outfit with jeans, when I & rsquo; in one go they tell me “You jeans ?”.

I remember & rsquo; d & rsquo a cover; a magazine of my mother when I & rsquo; had 15 years old, biba a cosmo or I do not know. The girl was wearing a 501 clear with a short black sweater, (the years 90 en force) a nice red lips and raised his arms. I thought it was so cool, I wanted to be that girl. But it does jeans m & rsquo; wrong j & rsquo; was too skinny, They yawned on my ass – j & rsquo; wanted to throw myself under a bridge -l & rsquo; adolescence, the drama it all.

Fortunately nature m & rsquo; gave buttocks woke up for my 17 years old. And I & rsquo; have discovered the Miss Sixty jeans that I & rsquo; bought during 8 Spring days (ha ha the old memory…), j & rsquo; one that had made me perfect butt. C & rsquo; this is all that & rsquo; in fact we ask jeans : a small ball pretty that & rsquo; mate is writhing in the mirror.

It was all perfect jeans, in which one feels like Beyoncé, for me it is always Miss Sixty.

I work a bit with Sojeans lately and they have a very good tool for Gaul choose according to their morphology and desires, I find it very clever, if you want to test c & rsquo; is where.

Photos par Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles

P.S : for more transparency, clothes that are offered to me are marked & rsquo; a *


Golden Derbies Asos – obviously, I told you I was more stores.

J & rsquo; have a disease : j & rsquo; buys derbies. I see them and I fill my basket bim, red eyes, complètement hypnotisée, possessed by the devil and Schling ! J & rsquo; buys. After I align them to me and I contemplate my collection as a small mom.

here are my 3 new babies. J & rsquo; have already well-worn white, pink slip j & rsquo; I almost died in a staircase with, and golden make me want to do the moonwalk.

And to do that n & rsquo; not suit well my problem, j & rsquo; have not taken all my drops this morning, so I just ordered the roses fluo Here veiled…


Short American Apparel, chemisier Asos, derbies Asos, leggings Cacharel, Zara vest

Hu hu, m yes it & rsquo; s actually fun & rsquo; use small names Vianney gives me when I m & rsquo; dresses for Securities my tickets. where white derbies, n it & rsquo; s not a & rsquo; stop! Although I doubt that & rsquo; Al Capone was walking with small floral socks.

I incantations to bring spring, even if I & rsquo; catches pneumonia in passing m & rsquo; cares. There are too many nice things that I & rsquo; have purchased and which boils d & rsquo; impatience to get out of my closet right now. Too hard my life…