Oui, I have not warned you, I went on holiday there like that without saying anything ! As hard when a tooth is prevented not like that it hurts less (ok j & rsquo; know, m & rsquo it is, has never ripped).
J & rsquo; hope it will not be too hard without me, you'll get out ?

Good going, dry your tears my p & rsquo; tits Biquets, I've prepared a few things to the wicked sauce, History of you busy while I prélasserai me in & rsquo; & rsquo shadow; a coconut tree, with my hat, covered with sun cream index 172 !

Bisous !!! My return will be a surprise hahaha !!!

P.S : Do not be surprised, I now moderating comments, but only for those who n & rsquo; have never posted here. Blame it on a lack badgers band who come here to relieve himself, charming ! But do not deprive yourself eh provided, I will find on my return, like postcards that & rsquo; we find in his mailbox while returning from holidays !