This is Eve and her apple it seems to me that recently called for more photos of my bidous (ie my cats in my dork language). Well here's a series taken one morning during a large toilet of my little Sacha.

This p & rsquo; tit Loulou really makes me melt with his nose pads and all roses, it looks like a aristochat. And, Sacha apart, j & rsquo;'ve always watched the cats clean themselves with great admiration : trying to lick the knee extended leg and flex your toes well : décoincera it to the emergency !

[imagebrowser id=227]

– Attention, the last image may offend the sensibilities of younger :) –

C & rsquo; is my poor daughter completely serious week, So finally I'll do a little link this draw you've probably all seen, but that sums up the problem with cat owners…