Rhaaaaaaa !! After breaking the feet as never to my fiancé (He was very afraid to go home the first night bug), rounded up all that knew of some way that & rsquo; is a mysql database, and after having eaten all my nails, j & rsquo;'ve finally found my blog !

I'm in the middle of moving, always at my crappy host (1&1) who deigned to give me access to my database (rhoo he just took them 5 days !) pending transfer my domain name at OVH. J’ai passé un super week-end : change server, export, database import…

And even move, I told myself that I & rsquo; going to clean and redo the decor so that & rsquo; to : Faster loading pages, better contrast for images, Photo galleries optimized to death (you will see, c & rsquo; is beyond compare !).

Big up my knight in Kano who mysql j & rsquo; I promised to tell you about his p & rsquo; tit website : GauleMatinale.com, that examines the blood flow which folds in the sheets in the morning… send them your darling !

And the second big up to Vianney, who had worked son p’tit billet to make a comeback and s & rsquo; was taken back a villain “error establishing a database connection”. Disappointed like everyone not to have been read and not have received a lot of feedback, it just waiting for you down there : go make it a p & rsquo; tit cuckoo !

Rhaaaaaaaa is respiiiiiiiire !!


You want to disengage from canalblog, but a lot of things holding you back : and I'm too lazy, the fear of losing your readers, your articles, your comments… J & rsquo; was a little like you there is just one month, it was simply out of the question to leave. To win what d & rsquo; first ? Freedom already, the pleasure & rsquo; being at home, to do what you want, can finally customize it as you please, d & rsquo; use all inaccessible from your crappy plugins host.

And I found aujourd & rsquo; hui that I & rsquo; did well, I am very proud of my new home, even if it was of course work, and honestly, I am far from & rsquo; having lost. You have all followed, I don & rsquo; have not lost readers, only visitors from google with their salacious queries about passing 1/2 Second on my blog. It will take me some time to find my SEO, but n & rsquo; is frankly not the most important.

So if you want to fly on your own, and lazy is exceeded, you can roll up your sleeves and put you there. I will not detail the phases : purchase & rsquo; a domain name and d & rsquo; an accommodation, et installation de wordpress, a bunch of tutorials on the web will help you. Here I will just explain to you how to get your articles, and c & rsquo; is not bad ! Continue reading