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Since May, I represent Paris on Blog capitals Galeries Lafayette alongside Susie (London), Leandra (New York) and Veronica (Milan). Hu hu I feel like a little turd next to Susie and Leandra ^^

But let. Les galaf (as we say a bit of time in Paris) renewed this year “world's greatest fashion show” (just that, sacred title) who had impressed the & rsquo; last year. J’avoue, j & rsquo; had followed from a distance and do not realize the & rsquo; magnitude of the thing. The principle : people like you and me are selected by their Guedin look to participate in a big parade on the Boulevard Haussmann with walking courses, makeup, coiffure, repetition, catwalk, photographers, and all the public fuss.

See you at the Palais Brongniart at the beginning of & rsquo; last Thursday afternoon to follow the preparations and do the little mouse with my camera. I didn & rsquo; not at all expecting that this event glue me as banana, j & rsquo; was pretty skeptical and good humor that reigned in the palace m & rsquo; has contaminated.

I realized observing all participants that c & rsquo; is EXACTLY what I & rsquo; love and defend in fashion : du fun ! For me fashion c & rsquo; is primarily a game, c & rsquo; s is for & rsquo; fun, please do not take themselves seriously. The mannequins of the day came with pals, with their lovers, their best friend, s & rsquo; were concocted homemade costume, or their sharpest look. It chatting, it is recoiffe, eyes flutter beneath the glitter and brushes of 50 makeup artists commissioned to the & rsquo; event… There is a pretty incredible effervescence.

J & rsquo; acids had heard some comments about this event : “not really a parade, nor truly fashion”. For me it & rsquo; quite the opposite, I felt much more for me to watch these preparations in n & rsquo; any backstage fashion week.

And while some looks n & rsquo; have nothing to envy Lady gaga, although c & rsquo; was sometimes a bit too much or bad taste, c & rsquo; was refreshing. People were thoroughly, it was a pleasure to see.

As for the parade, I must also confess that I & rsquo;'ve had a great time. I like to think that I'm mean, I m & rsquo; expecting to spit a little venom in my beard and laugh while not, j & rsquo; was touched and appreciative. Some were there to s & rsquo; fun, d & rsquo; other super shy to prove something, there is also the who & rsquo; & rsquo air; having done this all their lives. Impressive.

J & rsquo; like being surprised !



A small post quickly passing because I run I run I run at the moment and n & rsquo; not have time to ask me. Just to share with you some pictures of Kenzo fashion show where I went Monday.

J & rsquo; was very moved, because if there is indeed a brand that I like about winter collections c & rsquo; is Kenzo (yes j & rsquo; s like less their creations & rsquo; summer…). L & rsquo; d last year & rsquo; had fallen in love with this small flowered coat and all the & rsquo; Russian universe, mesh, the boots… C & rsquo; is full of & rsquo; enthusiasm that I went to the Tuileries garden despite the icy wind whipping my cheeks.

As these are the first shows that I visit this year, I do not lose a crumb of the show that begins at the & rsquo; shows input : streetstyle photographers awaiting their prey on the outskirts of the room (I got by shooter 3 No people but I & rsquo; not even ask why c & rsquo; was), the privileged who were the red carpet, the parade of photographers who are parked behind barriers, then the luxury that take their place, etc…etc… My sublime invited to the j & rsquo hand waited, expected…


J & rsquo; I thought losing my toes as I & rsquo; cold had in my pink shoes (I did not wait so long outside), and even once in & rsquo; & rsquo within j;'ve put a good twenty minutes to get warm. As usual, I approached the & rsquo; dais photographers, I found a nice gentleman who agreed that I m ​​& rsquo; sit before him (juperien important to come in just for that…) under the suspicious look vigils. Alix m & rsquo; joined and took a small room for two until it starts.

The decor was impressive : large straw bales that were going up & rsquo; ceiling, a sand-colored catwalk, c & rsquo; was rather warm for a winter fashion show.

And models entered, with music from the early 70 : America – A horse with no name, Simon & Garfunkel – Mrs Robinson, etc… Ambiance super baba cool, American desert, girls wore large round sunglasses, warm colors, brown, Very dresses baba cool j & rsquo; have A-DO-RE ! I, who am not very bag, I see right there craquerais !


J & rsquo; have better appreciated of course if a bitch n & rsquo; had not come to put before me, blocking the view of most photos. J & rsquo; have had beautiful claws out and tried to clear it s & rsquo; is royally screwed up my face : What the jungle ! I would have gladly done him a crooked foot seen or known to the exit but she had already decamped…

I leave you with some pictures of my favorite silhouettes :






And yet some nice figure (I don & rsquo; have not really liked the second part of that parade ;)

[nggallery id=386]


J Saturday & rsquo; have attended the parade Cacharel. J & rsquo; was more than happy, j & rsquo;'ve always liked the brand and its universe and see one of his shows was envy me for a while.

But things had started badly : j & rsquo; had left my apartment a little hastily leaving my precious invitation on my table. J & rsquo; had the stupidity to leave my bag to check & rsquo; address before leaving and I of course forgot the & rsquo; put it back.

Arriving Place Vendôme I did not do the clever, but I prayed for that & rsquo; there is a small list with my name on it. And fortunately c & rsquo; was the case, j & rsquo; have quickly smiling again.

Then, I hoisted up & rsquo; down the catwalk for palling around with a photographer who m & rsquo; m & a left rsquo; sit before him, c & rsquo; is just the ideal place to see a parade, and above all to try & rsquo; bring back some shots. Mais attention, c & rsquo; also the war, because it must keep its place and prevent louts who come stand in front of you to plug your view. Heureusement, the “real” photographers who are there “work for them” s & rsquo; are responsible for me. Alix was at my side, touuuuuutes small we did not get noticed and risk making us free by the organizers. We still wait a few minutes in the dark, sitting on the floor, music grows louder, it will start…

And… J & rsquo; messed up all my photos here super ! All overexposed chuis deg :( J & rsquo;'ve still enjoyed silhouette, adorable coats, the liberty a bit more “military”, the pumps (derbys liberty yum), dresses and pretty pleats. My photos are a little but failed c & rsquo; not matter, it m & rsquo; teach life :)


jupe liberty

Bermuda cacharel

Manteau cacharel

Derbys liberty

That's what I & rsquo; my favorite ;)

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