We had stopped in the living room, whaaa quel suspense, d & rsquo; as much as c & rsquo; is my favorite part. Just to put things, for I l & rsquo; have not done and it can be confusing : My studio is 26m², live there my lover, our two cats and myself. that being said, place in the living room !

Here's the cozy little more space and the room cozy (little game, where's the cat sasha ?). Left, an Ikea bookshelf that separates the room into two to create a bedroom area, but not too firm and lets light in the left window. I l & rsquo; have filled my fetishes : a disc rotates, an orange TV 70 & rsquo; s, beautiful books, My Nabaztag and Japanese balls. To the right of my sofa & rsquo; love (which also comes from Ikea) I l & rsquo; love for the simplicity of its forms and because & rsquo; it is super comfortable, and do not laugh, because & rsquo; it has a small side Le Corbusier, with its rectangular cushions and metal tubes. I will try to calm down on the cushions and blankets, but it makes the & rsquo; so much more welcoming place I m & rsquo; was dropped. Enfin, at the end of the room, trônent l & rsquo; computer darling, my Orange phone , my vinyl disc rotates and my great grandfather. Notice the small window behind the garden of my lover, ditto ditto with herbs.

Turning now a head in the room, behind my famous shelf :

Right my wardrobe ready to crack, and left the bed. Yes Yes, Room c & rsquo; is just a bed 140 stuck between the window and the & rsquo; my closet shelf and after choosing my outfit wrapped in my duvet in the morning. Honestly, I find that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; there is no need for more space in a room, it falls well at home c & rsquo; is small !!

Small back, j & rsquo; almost forgot the bathroom, which is right next to the kitchen, and the door is in the dining room that I showed you last time.

Here is my modest bathroom, which despite its small size has a bath : hiiiiii that m & rsquo; had missed so much in my maid's room. So, not much to say, if n & rsquo; note is the presence of & rsquo; clock visible from the shower that lets me know how much I'm in a rush in the morning.

Voili voilou, c & rsquo; is finite p & rsquo; tits wolves, you enjoyed this ? And invited Miss last, I will not forget you, j & rsquo; expect to see your small inner choupinets !.


Suggested in the comments there shortly, I thought it could be fun to start a small chain “how c & rsquo; is within you ?”. Because that & rsquo; in fact I am a little curious, j & rsquo; love to discover the interiors of other, it says a lot about their way of life, and also because I & rsquo; imagine like others in their environment when I read. And, en grande fan de “issue home” I thought it would be very nice to me do you discover your small domestic. So I'll start with you a guided tour of my home, and passing the question of & rsquo; other bloggers (For the timid and those who want to keep their privacy, Pas de Vexation of mast part :))

We begin by the court, ben vi, Stéphane Thébaut it always begins like this, il arrive, he knocks on the door politely ditto ditto.

Lovely courtyard with two staircases, one for the rich (l & rsquo; staircase & rsquo; pageantry) and another for dependencies. Notice that mine n & rsquo; is not too yucky anyway, and the jolie pierre (and as everywhere in Paris, spent the first floor, finished the lovely staircase, we go to wood c & rsquo; is less expensive). After mounting 3 Small bizarre stories (1,80m ceiling at each level…) Here you are at home, in my little studio, toc toc toc !

I warn you, here c & rsquo; is a little fantasyland, I do not think the queen of good taste, no no no, My Vacation is my land d & rsquo; experiments where I m & rsquo; to add more fun ever !

The first thing that & rsquo; we see returning c & rsquo; is the kitchen. J & rsquo; d have the chance & rsquo; have an owner that tastes good and has done everything to tailor, the kitchen is very nice shape, and well equipped (micro-onde / four, washer, mini fridge not mini if ​​it, hot plates, basket, placards, etc…).

J & rsquo; have decorated closets with space invaders my manufacturing (p & rsquo; tit tutorial very soon if it told you…) which the & rsquo; advantage of making it less dreary, and protect (starting, j & rsquo; removes it all, and they shall be as white as new). The old tiles were filthy blue kitchen tiles painted with paint, and walls painted several times a darling who had the patience to follow me in my change d & rsquo; moods and colors… Some Ikea shelves later to earn a little space and a row of lanterns on light rail Ikea also, and I & rsquo; have my pretty little kitchen.

Then one enters directly to the small dining room, couleur “at monica”. C & rsquo; thanks to this small color space that I & rsquo; really managed to give the & rsquo; & rsquo impression, have a play within a play.

J & rsquo; have installed it my famous Japanese DIY balls and my mirror “witch” that always impress your guests. Below you see a small cabinet cobbled not great and my vase Hella Jongerius for Ikea in which d & rsquo; have installed a lamp. I think change this little corner tote which is still pretty lousy.

After we turn gently to the living room, but this, c & rsquo; is for next week ptits friends !

Waiting, Anne so, Alix, Deedee, Ge, The chatterbox, Betty, c & rsquo; is how home ?.