Non, this n & rsquo; is not an article on Japanese bowls (ben nan that & rsquo; is what it will come under the heading plug design, see…). This is not an article (and not a pipe, Rhooo ok j & rsquo; stop parentheses unwelcome and lousy jokes), I said yes then an article on Japanese paper balls that serve d & rsquo; lampshade. Says not glamorous like that huh ? Imagine a beast ball during d & rsquo; an all-white ceiling, spreading a pale light. Eh ben non, me the paper ball, c & rsquo; became the basis of my cozy lighting, Simply multiply, to choose the color, or to accessorize. J & rsquo; had a friend who had a large room in the middle of his, and she had hung a row of white pearls (huh cans…) descending up & rsquo; ground : c & rsquo; d & rsquo was; a great chic.

I m & rsquo; use it to create soft lights, colored halos : Simply d & rsquo; buy lamps 2 ball (Ikea Grono, 3 euros), disassemble for n & rsquo; keep the structure and create new lamps with his Japanese ball (top photo below : 5 corpses and Grono 5 balls made in paper urban outfitters).
Sinon, you can create with a big ball, a little fairy lights (illustration ticket), the good fairy n & rsquo; that is my opinion, Custom me the little lights of colors that m & rsquo; hypnotizes, I can remain blissful d & rsquo; awe of a simple garland christmas….But here's what I suggest you, c & rsquo; is to create a colorful halo of light, punctuated here and there by small points of light.
Simply s & rsquo; buy a light garland, Any color (on the picture, habitat in garland 25 euros) and passing in a Japanese paper ball (3 Import euros at pier). It twists the garland to the & rsquo; letting down within a few bulbs prefer the more bas.On & rsquo; install in a corner of the room to the wire minimal discomfort.

C & rsquo; is ready ! D & rsquo; other small hands with creative ideas ?.