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I have not told you ? I am one of those rampaging fans of the saga of JK. Rowling, à bientôt 30 years altogether…

I remember the & rsquo; summer I read them all, my subway trips were the best times of the day. C & rsquo; is & rsquo; when the last book came out, I don & rsquo; so have not experienced the & rsquo; wait between each component. Only moment of frustration : on a beach in Portugal, I close the Half-Blood Prince with a small cry and tear up & rsquo; overnight while waiting to find a store that sells after English.

J & rsquo; would like to cross a Men in Black for that & rsquo; m there & rsquo; clears the memory and read them again and again… But it & rsquo; is impossible, so I will comfort me tonight going to see the last film. Even if I & rsquo; have always lamented the excruciatingly bad game Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.

For the occasion, I even bought me jewelry “animaux”, I who n & rsquo; never Door, when I saw them at Asos, they m & rsquo; have immediately reminiscent of Harry Potter. I know I'm crazy… But it & rsquo; is better than tumbling to the movies with glasses and a non cape ?