Imagine that & rsquo; be told : then you want me to do what you like wedding dress ? Me when I & rsquo; have endless choices so I do not know choose, j & rsquo; feel like a thousand necessarily incompatible things, and I think that & rsquo; in fact I'm not so creative it.

When Violette Tennenbaum creative d & rsquo; love that you know all (or otherwise whisked out son blog give give) m & rsquo; asked this question I pulled him dozens of parade pictures with dresses that I liked, while telling him I wanted something simple, unfussy, easy to wear, wherein j & rsquo; was going to move for 24 hours without feeling ill at & rsquo; comfortable.

Sensing the wild beast that does not actually knows what & rsquo; she wants, Violette m & rsquo; then brought one of his creations, a small simple strapless dress which we went from doing lots of little mods.

And on this one she had a super good idea. With tulle underskirt as a, a superposition of satin and cotton straps and small buttons in the back, j & rsquo; had an adorable little ballerina dress simple but sought both : exactly what I was looking for !

And as a dress c & rsquo; is better to see it in motion, here is a little video up by a good fairy of my marriage : Baptiste (yes Baptiste aujourd & rsquo; hui get wings and a wand) :

(Au passage, I never tire of & rsquo; admire the smile off my now husband ? – and before you ask me the question, his suit was custom made at Samson, everything has chosen c & rsquo; was neat, and bow tie comes from Old England)

C & rsquo; s funny as I do shortcuts when I tell you : exit passage or j & rsquo; did make a giant knot Violet to put in the back and then change d & rsquo; notice and claim buttons, or the one where I & rsquo; have called 1 week before the wedding in a panic because eventually I wanted braces ! Chuuuut none of this would s & rsquo; is produced naturally…

And c & rsquo; is ? Yes c & rsquo; is, aujourd & rsquo; hui you will not see anything more… And you'll hate me for I & rsquo; have decided that you would expect with me to see the pictures of Marianne. J & rsquo; have a little trouble to share photos of friends here, d & rsquo; suddenly it seems too personal, go figure. More that & rsquo; rhoooo a week or two and then we expected then all together it will be fine :)

Photo Anne-Solange Tardy