in the moon

It's funny, because this small detail is part of my personality, and I realize I don & rsquo;'ve never spoken here. J & rsquo; had zapped, simultaneously c & rsquo; is coherent rather not ?

Since I was a kid, my repeated absences have always entertained people, as they have much unbearable my close. J & rsquo; have always been in the moon, far, veeeeeery away, I'm kind of heroes who can project out of the body Almost forgetting that & rsquo; one is talking about it (means as superpower, I confess).

At & rsquo; d School & rsquo; d & rsquo was, a poor company when a course was soporific, galley my companions spoke to me while my brain had paused, m & rsquo; sending somewhere in my world. My parents grumbled incessantly when I made them repeat all 15 times, and my mother n & rsquo; more could buy me sneakers and jogging (I lost my gym bag everywhere !).
A train trip 3 hours is a real delight for me : I can finally m & rsquo; fly without it being suspicious, I look at the landscape, and go in my thoughts, thus ignoring my neighbor plump sandwich stinks, and the kid behind that Braille.

I am so evaporated I can not count the times I & rsquo; I threw my spoon in the garbage by putting it in plastic yoghurt pot in the dishwasher, where j & rsquo; had to buy me an umbrella, where j & rsquo; I missed my subway station open mouth, and where I & rsquo; I missed using my hairspray as a deodorant (My inattention associated with my trouble waking up it hurts !).

My fiance to keep long since given up all the time with him, s it & rsquo; is resigned to my recurring mental absences. I am able to answer yes, or make real answers without m & rsquo; remember after, and he knows that to be sure that I & rsquo; must have heard me sign a paper. He likes to say that I have a bullet in the neck, and am regularly called by aliens.

And I & rsquo; admit that this small defect, I l & rsquo; like, c & rsquo; is my bubble, even my little gift… C & rsquo; is because of these absences that I & rsquo;'ve always been creative, my ideas come, can I & rsquo; provide break.

Alors, if one day you meet and I do not know me or you that I do not respond to your smile will take it badly, c & rsquo; is that I left over there “moooonde in my rêêêêves !!”