Yes Yes, I know, more photos in Paris too recently, but the rain, the wind and the cold often because of my will (and that of Vianney let's face…). The stairs of my building, which is not icky anyway, therefore increasingly act as small studio to show you my darlings held, It smells a bit like that Paris (and dog pee in front of the old unfortunately) (but that you do not see, then it's going).

On this one I felt like a little thing but rock girly-node node, we are at Eleonore Bridge here anyway, you would have a fit if I went out chains and skull admit bagouzes !







– Combishort H&M, leather jacket Etam, Bottines Chie Mihara, Headband Anthropology –

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Yves Saint Laurent
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I will l & rsquo; have said, I'm a reasonable ultra mega girl on shopping. Tssss no do not yell j & rsquo; s & rsquo have, look like that but I do not spend as much as you think, I am satisfied in general only small dresses and accessories H&M, not the mother to drink spending. I never put a toe in Maje, Sandro and sisters I found overpriced given the quality, which is quite small note you will agree.

But then I got a gift, splurge, a cracking slip… I got paid a small perfecto Yves Saint Laurent, unique show, my favorite vintage shop : Odetta (chuuuut but must not talk too much). J & rsquo; had advised the corresponding d & rsquo; a Chinese magazine this little pearl & rsquo; Paris address for one of his guides and m & rsquo; asked to come and do some photos of outfits in the shop.


– You never quite shows his forearms –

To abet a small coat Isabel Marant, j & rsquo; this puts perfecto without really paying attention. Et là, revelation : j & rsquo; s & have rsquo; & rsquo impression that; it was built for me, I look with giant hearts in his eyes like in manga, I l & rsquo; love, necessary me ! Although its price is downright reasonable given the beast (c & rsquo; is what j & rsquo; like about Odetta, the crazy prices) for me it remains a sacred Purchase, I tried the rest and & rsquo; forget fast fast fast.

L & rsquo; afternoon at home, I bite my bridle at my computer : must j & rsquo; returns there or I'll regret it all my life (pfffff genre, that & rsquo; do not tell me I sometimes…). I resist, I resist, I resist… Ok j & rsquo; stop pretending to resist, je ace, put on my derbies and get out of my running to go get this nice gift : the way I m & rsquo; imagine already solemnly bequeath to my daughter in thirty d & rsquo; year & rsquo tear in; oil. Snif !

And now that I l & rsquo; have, ben… j & rsquo; s & rsquo tries; tame ! I do not control even though the hyper-romantic rock style but it will j & rsquo; mentraîne. Here for example I say that the white socks c & rsquo; was not a super good idea but I'll get there I feel (d & rsquo; as much as I put it to sleep so limits are inevitably some point it'll work).


– Look without the vague, romantic, inspired, j & rsquo; have not seen the & rsquo; camera –


– Actor studio : no no I & rsquo; have not you cold and it will ? –


– Right leg back to let you enjoy my Garrice Derbies from all sides, Robe H&M & j kind rsquo; have not already 12 like this, Perfecto Yves Saint Laurent (Odetta Vintage) Baby d & rsquo; love, Scarf Loft design by that useless since I l you & rsquo; d have said & rsquo;'m not cold ! –