Short shirt Asos, short Topshop, escarpins Jonak, nœud pap vintage (Episode) – The game of 7 errors

When I & rsquo; was little, I watched with admiration my grandfather to remove a coin in his arm m & rsquo; marvel, my mother guessed the two cards that I & rsquo; piochées had to blow MUTUS NOMEN DEDIT COCIS, my beautiful mother turn the tables in a heavy silence.

And even growing, while all the tips and tricks m & rsquo; were revealed, I continued to believe in my heart that & rsquo; there could be some magic in that & rsquo; we do, provided that & rsquo; we believe in it very hard (this n & rsquo; has not always been successful, I'll tell you one day how I & rsquo; ve tried & rsquo; bewitch my target high school with a red ribbon wrapped around the finger… Epic fail !)

With my sister, we loved to play with the camcorder and disappear snapping fingers on film as in my beloved witch. You could spend hours. And aujourd & rsquo; hui, c & rsquo; is with my camera that I & rsquo; sometimes have the & rsquo; printing prolong this game, everything can sublimate photo, provided that & rsquo; the right angle you chose, nabbed the & rsquo; magic moment and clik clak !

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles