I will l & rsquo; promised yesterday, Here the pictures of Erotokritos parade with some details of the models that m & rsquo; have most liked. Rhaaaa c & rsquo; s hard to say that it & rsquo; is the collection next spring !!

J & rsquo; have increasingly desire d & rsquo; a real nice well-cut dress, beautiful fabrics and small details. And that white dress with big pockets and small letter yum !

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C & rsquo; is weird to say, but the world of fashion didn & rsquo; never too drawn… I didn & rsquo; not feel it in & rsquo; comfortable, not my thing. The Parisian fashion week do not put me in turmoil, I was even scared at a time to find myself despite me near a parade and feel a bit crummy close all these people well undermined.

Yet this morning I & rsquo; d was super happy & rsquo; go see the parade Erotokritos :) J & rsquo; so love this brand and its universe that I left home with a big smile. Few people, a very soft atmosphere, for ages, birds singing as a soundtrack : I m & rsquo; it just felt like a fish in the & rsquo; water.

J & rsquo; really cracked on several pieces : a top with a nice set of folds and a dress with big pockets and letters pattern. A little shy photograph I'm not quite approached me for some macros but as always with the brand the small details that make the difference are waiting for you. A little disappointed only by the seriousness of the colors and models despite the & rsquo; fairytale atmosphere

I realized that despite my visits to the shop every season, I don & rsquo; have not a single part of the brand in my closet. All this makes me want d & rsquo; remedy soon…

Here are some pictures quickly… I'll post all the others tomorrow :)











Last Thursday, j & rsquo; was supposed to be in the starting blocks at 9 am in front of my H&M Rue de Rivoli for the launch of the collection “Matthew Williamson for H&M” that I & rsquo; waiting for a while. Since the time I was drooling on some parts of the site and that I & rsquo; d & rsquo wanted; go see it with my own eyes, feel the material and win some trophies…

But there, a change d & rsquo; schedule last minute came to stand in my way : I might not have the huge chance of hanging 1 h, to fight suddenly hangers and go home exhausted but happy arms full of bags of the collection.

Panic on board : je twitte then my despair, hoping that & rsquo; one of my “followers” propose to his rescue. My facebook status s & rsquo; simultaneously update my twitter and in my second call for help a friend replies “Me maybe…”.

Ça y est, j & rsquo; have a little soldier : my friend Laetitia alongside whom I & rsquo;'ve already fought the & rsquo; leave school for me on a mission to the quest & rsquo; a small embroidered and beaded vest. A J-1, I send him instructions, and we discuss all the best tactic to adopt to get hold of pretty pieces.

D-day, j & rsquo; feverishly await his call will happen quickly : “It's me, j & rsquo; have secured the area, everything is OK, I don & rsquo; not had enough ammunition to get hold of all that & rsquo; we wanted but I & rsquo; still have some models and several sizes in hands, j & rsquo; replenishment waited hidden behind a pillar, there was some collateral damage : girls crying because they arrived too late but I hold on, I return to the base, Mission accomplished”.

Youhouu, Laetitia will receive at least the Medal of Courage !! Go see son blog, she bears the beautiful tank top in yellow silk collection.







– Gilet Matthew Williamson for H&M, H Flowers&M –
? Voir toutes les photos ?

As for me, well, j & rsquo; finally have the little pink silk top, and an embroidered cardigan. So much for the cover and the pendant that I liked also. After trying on at home, I intend to bring a few pieces at H&M (because let raisonnaaaaables, I will not keep it all in several colors and sizes still !). More, as I think that & rsquo; they would be the envy of some d & rsquo; you, If you want, instead of bringing them I can resell (at the same price j & rsquo; hear well). J’ai un gilet rose en S (the one that I keep is a XS, I make a small 36 normally), and a blue vest XS, if you are interested, mail me. Warning I bring all next Saturday.

I leave you with pictures of the gorgeous boutique M. Williamson, taken during my first trip to London, you really have to spend if you go (the 46 Hertford Street), damn it worth seeing.