Outfits by Alix

I know that & rsquo; you could not see very well my dress in the photos posted Monday, So here a little rab, with pictures taken by Alix – so talented and demanding photo (This girl is crazy, at 8am it was still ask us in gardens and machine-gunned like crazy despite the fatigue).

I don & rsquo; have not given too much detail on the dress, but we had cheated : c & rsquo; 19th was a dress brought up to 18th thanks to cart I wore underneath by small fairy l & rsquo; workshop farthingales. The n & rsquo; is not that uncomfortable than that because the frames are flexible, c & rsquo; is just difficult to travel when n & rsquo; no carriage ^^

J & rsquo; my understanding that this carnival you had rained, j & rsquo; s hope you & rsquo; & rsquo opportunity; participate s & rsquo; there is the other & rsquo; next year. Promised, Here we go back very quickly to another century :)