What is happening ? She was the Wicked been hacked so it is too popular and envied ?!
And no ! It's just Vianney (le fiancé) taking control of the blog for a week.

First things first, ie a presentation in due form. As I never read this marvelous fashion blog (eh oui, I'm not a fan of clothes as most of you !), I really do not know what you know about me ; I understand that I alluded to occasionally. D’ailleurs, I appear in some photos ofSoot.

I am an eternal student (as there are many) Pharmacy. Hold still a grocer ! (shh you there). It can actually work at the pharmacy (en workshops, to use scientific jargon) as I do the weekend for three years but in fact there are pharmacists everywhere. To the hospital, in industry (drugs, food and even cosmeto !….), in analysis labs etc ....

Anyway I'm not going to talk about that too you or I know one who will wince at seeing his stats plummet.

For this first ticket, I decided to tell you a little about myself and therefore some anecdotes, I find funny, about my great experience at the counter !

About suppository against haemorrhoids :
– "I do not understand M. since I put I worse, this is normal aluminum top ? »
– "We must remove the packaging before putting the suppo ! »

Reproduction and you :
– "We were kissing and I ejaculated in my pants. Does my girlfriend risk of pregnancy ? » (ndla : how do I do to keep a straight face sometimes…?)

Everything is important in life :
I paid tribute to the lady who after ½ hour implausible requests :
– "Where does the mint that is put into this syrup ? »
– "Is this sunscreen" I bought so long ago that it no longer exists packaging, and which is orange instead of white "is still good, I do not see the expiration date ? »
Comes to ask me about the 200th item in the list :
– "What are these packs do ? » (so that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; cares not completely ?)

I would also like to thank all those who come to spit in my face so that I determine if the cough is dry or oily.

For the impatient :
I'll get what you ask me, I did not have time to get to my desk that :
– " How much ? »
– « … » (Sorry I do not know by heart the price of all drugs !)

The right of substitution :
– "Is what I can give you generic ? »
– « Ah, non ! No genetic drugs ! »
Or : « Oh ! I am but for generic, then I do not want for this medicine. "And the traditional : « Non, I want the real medicine !. »

(Little reminder : after the expiry of the patent of the original drug (dit le prince), an average of ten years, other laboratories can in turn produce the drug at a lower cost since they do not have to do all the research and development (that lasts anyway 15 years and therefore a phenomenal cost). So we end up with the same molecule at the same dosage for a lower price, What interests representing Safely 80% our customers).

This shows in all kinds at the pharmacy, I regularly a pervert who just ask me lots of questions about lots of stuff and then wonder advice on a product in an isolated area of ​​the pharmacy to corner me and tell me about his "white discharge level in sex " (in his words). The last time, he wanted details on the various models of condoms but unfortunately I did not have "those with a taste, you know to fellatio ".

Overall, it's more fun to work at the pharmacy, even if n & rsquo; is what I will do afterwards.

You may have you also (like Katia) stories to tell or questions?
What to take a day of celebration? What if I & rsquo; have burnt in the sun? …