I often rattle, pushes a bunch of shots of the same mouth, j & rsquo; there can nothing I was born this way, ask my mother, out of his belly I was “la lip”.

My topic is powered râleries, and I see that I & rsquo; have often pushed against my readers my gueulantes. Oui, I did that & rsquo; a dirty ugly, mais c’est comme ça, j & rsquo; have often groused against some d & rsquo; you : les mails assassins, Authoritarian comments, the claims of kids, etc…

And in all this, like a little ungrateful, j & rsquo; kinda forgot to say yes, you are also super cute sometimes buddies :)

I want to thank Miss kiki that m & rsquo; small friendly sent mails in the last few months, and m & rsquo; sent a beautiful dragonfly necklace to replace mine that had rusted. Delivery as this in an envelope in my mailbox, c & rsquo; was a little christmas.

Thank you to Insaf, who comments here from time to time, and m & rsquo; offered a facial in his institute (le Shiraz, 18 rue de l & rsquo; star) to allow me to rest my hectic weeks. I d & rsquo; also realized that I never took care of me, and while I massaged the cheeks, I promised & rsquo; finally go to the hairdresser, my head is lying fallow for many a year, it is time to sow.

And then finally, if I count, emails d & rsquo; insults are ridiculously under-represented in the middle of all the nice mails you m & rsquo; consult regularly and warms my little heart grumpy smurf….