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Escarpins Asos, combishort Topshop, veste H&M – Sanderson Hotel – London

When I & rsquo; saw these little pompom shoes, I have also found that apétissantes & rsquo; a package of Dragibus. I thought that & rsquo; they were crazy and that & rsquo; they go with everything with good humor.

The first time I wore c & rsquo; was for a rack, c & rsquo; s funny to see how they have done more talking boys than girls. As if for once they had something to say about a pair & rsquo; pumps.

I d & rsquo; otherwise kept for later this idea : these shoes are perfect to start the conversation, people talk you live with amusement.

After I put them to parties where I wanted to be the same size as everyone. With its heels 12, I'm propelled in people of normal height, and c & rsquo; is nicer than d & rsquo; admire the nostrils all evening.

Enfin, last week in London, I took them out with this little jumpsuit bought at Topshop, The mixture printed, colors and pompons, it was the Rio carnival in my hotel room. Madness in short.


Combishort Asos, collants Dim, H socks&M, Bulgari ring, pictures taken Maison Champs Elysees

J & rsquo; have ordered ten combi shorts since the launch of the new collections, j & rsquo; have returned in full : too long, Necklines too, too soft ass…

And this one I l & rsquo; was excellent ! I hastened to put up with a good sticky and socks (OK well I got a little sour compared to her mother bare back). L & rsquo; pharmaceutical industry can say thank you to the spring summer collections that come out in January-February.

Photos Eleonore Bridge avec Fabien Gilles
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Combishort Asos, Tabio tights, chaussures Bertie

Voilà, j & rsquo; have permanently stored swimwear, poom poom shorts and the sunscreen.

Back at home with this article shamefully lying since you will not see much yet my little home sweet home is far from even resemble what I will wish.

All I can tell you, c & rsquo; is that in my apartment there is a metal beam, a brick wall, an old mirror and a wreath tavern, false branches of cherry, un chat, music too loud, empty frames, a foot walk because I'm tiny, a room not over, a component that squeaks…

I still do not really feel at home, it takes time these things I think. There is still a small cardboard Tension, and empty walls waiting that I & rsquo; have a bright idea. It is also necessary that I & rsquo; it makes a feast.

Photos Eleonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles