In big lazy Parisian I, I rarely leave my neighborhood, limit if going to the movies more than 2 stations from my didn & rsquo; not a slave… But fortunately occasionally I leave the center to move my ass in boroughs 2 statistics (oh my god ! The suburb at least !).

And it is well worth the trouble because & rsquo; there are a lot of & rsquo; wonderful places hidden in Paris. The streets “villa” the side of the street eg Mouzaïa. J & rsquo; have a friend who lives there since at least all that pfff, and every time I go to see, I think that c & rsquo; is a sacred lucky boy. On se croirait en province, in a pretty village in London or better from the side of Portobello Road with its colorful doors and incredible vegetation.

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We meet a lot of nice cats that purr, there are many flowers as d & rsquo; fruit trees, and & rsquo; architecture is more than charming. I typed my delirium postcards Photo Card, but all these colors me it makes me excited :)

Go and take a walk in one of those lovers 4, Day off place in metro (11) or Danube Botzaris (7bis).
All streets “villa” thing worth seeing (See the map)