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Petit interlude iodized waiting patiently with me the wedding pictures :)

I, who usually hates heat, soleil, I m sand beach & rsquo; a little surprised myself. Me voilà en short, matted hair in my plastic pearl necklace, I walk on the beaches of & rsquo; Arcachon with my sister in the blistering heat that everyone bitching without me raises an eyebrow. That must be the & rsquo; age and wisdom, hi hi yes j & rsquo; believe it !

J & rsquo; I especially enjoyed taking photos at the seaside, it doesn & rsquo; had nothing to do but it m & rsquo; recalled Coney Island l’an dernier, the ICES, rides, Pier…

J & rsquo; hope you all also spent a delightful weekend, I do not get tired of watching my fan do its work diligently, d & rsquo; listen swifts that reminds me of my childhood holidays in Saintes Maries de la Mer turn shouting over my yard, and complain about my cats sprawled on the ground overcome by heat. Moi 1 the cats 0 !

*My dream was too good…

? Voir toutes les photos ?

– Short Tophop, collier H&M, T-shirt Zara –

? Voir toutes les photos ?