The heat, usually, I hate. But I do not know why, for the first time this year I feel good when the thermometer climbs. These first sunny days are very pleasant to me : it's sweet home, the cry of swifts that resonates in my backyard remember the summers of my childhood to the holy marie of the sea, evenings on the waterfront are soft…

I must say that working at home changes a little while… I live in an old building of the eighteenth where it is always fresh, I need only d & rsquo; go ask me about the stone steps of my little staircase with a book to find freshness.





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– Short Lolita Lempicka for Etam, Blazer Jam (Topshop), Top and compensated H&M, Gérard Darel bag –

Last night I went for a walk on the waterfront near me, gams in the & rsquo; air mounted on offset, yes perfectly ! My little white shorts Lolita Lempicka has finally found a perfect mate : My blazer liberty and the pair now make it. All with this small top H&M & blue that I rsquo; love so that makes me pretty fairy wings.





I continue my looks cheerfully photo series in an area of ​​Paris that I & rsquo; love. Saturday, j & rsquo;'ve dragged my man street rods and street attic on & rsquo; water, in this neighborhood a bit out of time and & rsquo; space, we do not believe one second in paris in the narrow cobbled streets and half-timbered houses before these. C & rsquo; is an area that I & rsquo; love, d & rsquo; otherwise it will l & rsquo; & rsquo subject; a future ticket and hop !


So Saturday, galvanized by my soirée pin up from yesterday, j & rsquo; had high out my little shorts M size&M and my little floral top to the same brand of node-node. To celebrate spring that began to point his nose, j & rsquo; have also emerged with great pleasure my little Japanese Gap coat trend. Voilou..


For several years I crack the turning d & rsquo; when a ray j & rsquo; was just going to buy the cream !

Are malignant in monoprix, they have all mimis collections which I can not resist.

My favorite summer dress is d & rsquo; also a Monoprix, the only problem c & rsquo; is that quality n & rsquo; being either tip top, I feel that & rsquo; she will live his last hours the & rsquo; next summer, pffffff.

Bref, j last week & rsquo;'ve cracked a p & rsquo; tit blow to these 2 by adorable, with details of chewable buttons, a striped sweater with pockets pretty, a polka-dot scarf yum and a small leather bag (forgot about the photo, oops !).

En fait, I do not know why I crack easily Monoprix that & rsquo; H&Eg M, Articles are quite similar, Finally j & rsquo; & rsquo have the; printing.

Maybe when I get home H&m je me dis :pascraquerpascraquerpascraquer: and suddenly I'm reasonable, whereas in monop, it takes me a bit by surprise… Or rather I let myself be taken by surprise eh.

J & rsquo; confess j & rsquo; have my habits in monoprix, and here's a little guide for you to s & rsquo; seize the pretty rooms at monop.

First, il y a deux types de collections : that & rsquo; it just hits during a given season (one or two triangles on & rsquo; label), and p & rsquo; tites collections (nothing on & rsquo; label). Every Thursday arrives replenishment of the collection “permanent”. The p & rsquo; tites collections arrive 15 and 30 of each month. Me too I & rsquo; m & admit I rsquo; there almost lose, basically, disembark at monop Thursday following the 15 and the 30 the month and grab everything you n & rsquo; no triangle on & rsquo; label, especially if you are a size 1 and that & rsquo; there remain, it will not last !!

Promised, very quickly, a small shoot of my purchases !.