Seduced by the first session of sale of components, j & rsquo; it went back on Saturday to find boots worthy of the name. So, as you see it, I did not stop myself to it, and I & rsquo; have cracked for a nice vintage leather bag (génial, with a bunch of small pockets secrets to & rsquo; inside), a belt node node and a beautiful coat.

Ok ok, c & rsquo; is a little far door charenton (for a Parisian bitch, c & rsquo; is downright province !), but just for entering once again into & rsquo; Morgan universe and zoe j & rsquo; have spun. And I & rsquo; have had a good time, to chat with them, discover their projects, c & rsquo; was almost like an afternoon with girlfriends. The retro decor / memories & rsquo; school, and their selection of shoes, robes, vintage bags or straight out of small creative workshops is a true happiness. One board : go there quickly (more & rsquo; info here). And non-Paris, stop making black pudding, they sell online next week on their website.

P.S : you want prices ? Oh no my good lady, dear time to time reads this blog, I would not like that & rsquo; he has a heart Aret. So, boots c & rsquo; is 80 per pair, uh… and the balance between 50 and 70 euros l’article, leaves !