Red dress Zara, Collant American apparel, Jupe Asos, Bertie heels Asos

And bim ! Great visual with me posing as a gourd, he'll have to m & rsquo; y do ! But it & rsquo; it's great with my new red template, j & rsquo; like ^^. It puts a little gaiety in this cold and dreary winter (d & rsquo; otherwise do not ask me, yes I'm the curd me for this photo, j’ai l’air crispée non ?).

As d & rsquo; hab I made a total look, j & rsquo; love being on the edge of disguise (yes remember leaves or leaves). No matter if everyone looks at me in the street or if I pass for a lit, it m & rsquo; even fun.

When I & rsquo; I bought this little red dress Zara, it m & rsquo; immediately démangée to wear like this, with an adhesive of the same color. Attention to detail ultimate : I wear the petticoat underneath is red, my new red skirt Asos embellished tulle was predestined him. He he (rather you will not know the color of my panties).

For the & rsquo; OCCAZ, in addition to my new theme, j & rsquo; strenna the courtyard of my new building (but you will not see my apartment, it is work from home jobs…)