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…hidden in the village of my grandparents c & rsquo; is my childhood…

I remember the hours spent there with my cousins ​​to imagine that our bikes were horses, with clovers 4 leaves that & rsquo; there were handfuls along the old stone wall, tyranny that I & rsquo; exercised over everyone in good elder of the family that I & rsquo; was (yeah c & rsquo; Tam was always me when we were playing cat & rsquo; s eyes with my sister and my cousin).

This year, j & rsquo; spends almost every weekend to go to the grove where we set our wedding with Vianney. J & rsquo; like to immerse myself in such good memories of family Sunday with his leg, its beans and strawberry bakery that & rsquo; it devoured bird in my grandmother plates…

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– Trench Operation, short Topshop, top and tacky H&M, Elsa boots, Node ring Mlle Pierre, sac vintage –

– Griffounes trace copyright sticky Sophie Baby

? Voit tout l’album photo ?