J & rsquo; lives in Paris for nearly 10 years old, and even if I n & rsquo; there was not born I really consider myself a Parisian, Parisian at heart as they say. J & rsquo; like everything in Paris, pretty streets as his subway that stinks, cafes and unpleasant servers (that give me my turn l & rsquo; opportunity to grumble), its inhabitants hurry, monuments that so many people envy us. J & rsquo; love Paris ?

C & rsquo; is why j & rsquo; have accepted with great pleasure to share some of my favorite addresses le Lou city guide whose fourth edition was aujourd & rsquo; hui. J & rsquo; have proposed it as a promenade lined with small secret addresses, where one gleans delicacies, books, Bouquets of roses and other pretty things.

Good ride !