Tonight I went to the first chapter of Twilight : Fascination. Even if m & rsquo; c warned that & rsquo; was unprecedented turnip, it was that I & rsquo; go and see, I am about to finish the second volume and the books are really goods : j & rsquo; was too curious. I just returned here, and it was absolutely necessary that I tell you this now.

What did I attended ? Catherine Hardwicke and his dream team had not a little too picolé before making this film ? I see nothing else, they are necessarily organized a big drinking session before s & rsquo; put. So, j & rsquo; & rsquo c imagine, was to forget their misery and poor € 25 that & rsquo; obviously they had to mount this film.

A drinking party and a lousy budget that gives us anything ?

> Plans that lurch and spin nausea : Eh toi is ! Rest me that camera right now and will finish your coconut punch, t thank you & rsquo;'re nice !

> A casting director with not possible hangover that has chosen his actors at the corner wall mart : Rosalie, supposed to embody the beauty and perfection in the book that Shakira is also stylish in the 90 & rsquo; s and looks a bit like madonna with a few extra kilos : class ! We will even say that & rsquo; outside of & rsquo; Edward entire cast of vampires is grotesque…

> A makeup artist visibly open alcoholic coma that left the vampires in the shit, obliged & rsquo; s go & rsquo; buy themselves white foundation to joke shop and jokes corner, for s & rsquo; spreads in a hurry before each scene. C’est simple, when Carlisle came into the picture I don & rsquo; I could not help a chuckle : c & rsquo; was just laughable.

> A costume plagued his adoration for Johnny Depp, delirious art : c & rsquo; was that these wicked vampires in mist dressed as pirates caribbean ? J & rsquo; I almost m & rsquo; choke on my pop corns !!

> An unbearable pace : yeah huh, when we want to put EVERYTHING in the book 1:30 film c & rsquo; is complicated : allééé is not lagging guys, we don & rsquo; not a day !! J & rsquo; s & have rsquo; m Printing & rsquo; be typed a series of slides at full speed like a bad night holiday photos. I think when n & rsquo; has not read the book you do not even understand half the movie.

> Special effects stung the worst series of years 70, vampires run very fast just like wonder woman with a trail behind them c & rsquo; was to piss. Non, actually crying, j & rsquo; imagine the poor intern school & rsquo; computer which fulfill all of the special effects of the film on an old amstrad 320 bought for & rsquo; occasion in a garage sale…

> Actors completely left out, while all the & rsquo; film crew his wine, they dépatouillent as they can, but it's hard to see.

> Et euh, is not someone & rsquo; one who forgot d & rsquo; turn off the sound ? Not because I think that & rsquo; there must be just 6 minute film without music, c & rsquo; is a little annoying you can not find ?

On this, I m & rsquo; going to bed, Finally Volume 2 ! N & rsquo; going to see this film unless you have a lot of & rsquo; humor :)
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