Christmas celebrations, c & rsquo; is a good opportunity to grumble, as here and I can do the nasty, I m & rsquo; in their heart's content ! Place the wrong spirit of Christmas…

– It takes a tree that will destroy the cats 4 or 5 After breaking in passing all the balls.
– And I & rsquo; s'm lucky & rsquo; s it & rsquo; not electrocuted by chewing electrical garland.
– Fathers Christmas in supermarkets are freaking me, I imagine all sweaty in their costume.
– It gets upset every year with the family in which one can not go : papa, mom, in-law…
– You have to wrestle the worst family members, especially Uncle Michael and his extension pouches.
– J & rsquo; not like the log, oysters and Pyrenean.
– J & rsquo; not like toys that make music that unconscious offer kids : pony singing loop all day 25 merci !
– I hate the drive to the small singers wooden cross
– We will still force myself to eat oysters : “but tastes sooo c & rsquo are told, is good”.
– I do not know pretend d & rsquo; love my gifts
– And if I'm the head, I'm getting yelled at :”make an effort, c & rsquo; is christmas !!”

Naaaaaan j & rsquo; kidding, c & rsquo; s cool anyway, you can eat all full :) Go, merry christmas to all p & rsquo; tits buddies !