Hooded fur

And presto c & rsquo; go again ! Severe wheel like that for a week, j & rsquo; paraphernalia took out my little Russian skater (my boots and my mittens) and bought myself a skirt with jacket Asos to pass the & rsquo; warm winter without the & rsquo; & rsquo air; a bibendum.

And to be sure not to fall into the no look, I m & rsquo; formally forbid the wearing of trousers, with some modifications c & rsquo; is much warmer that & rsquo; one might think.

Grâce au combo caleçon heat-tech super glamour + sticky wool + wool socks + petticoat + wool skirt, j & rsquo; have the gams and buttocks warm, these gentlemen denim can not be said Gnarf Gnarf Gnarf.

Beautiful Sunday, A romantic walk in St Germain on the side of the Rue Jacob, christmas windows, hot chocolate… I j & rsquo; s like & rsquo; winter, you are not likely to m & rsquo; hear bitching here after weather :)

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– Coat and hood Asos, Michel Perry socks Tabio, bottines Chie Mihara, H mittens&M –


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