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What an immense pleasure to finally find something that & rsquo; it has long sought and that & rsquo; we had almost given up !

I'm pretty stubborn when something stuck in my head and I hate m & rsquo; admit defeat. If I don & rsquo; not put my hands on it I prances, I stomp internally (or not…) I sulk, I'm upset.

What's more annoying then that & rsquo; a lock that appears to protect an immense treasure in a house where there are dozens of keys in each drawer ? J & rsquo; have stamped a year before finding the key that m & rsquo; finally open the ornate box d & rsquo; a lion the green room at my grandparents.

When the small key simply found under the foot of the machine made “click” my eyes shone as if I & rsquo; would finally enjoy a huge chocolate cake. J & rsquo; I even waited a few seconds before & rsquo; open the lid to enjoy this moment of enjoyment…

By lifting, I finally discovered the old sewing machine bought by my great grandmother back the 30 September 1909 for the modest sum of 139 francs at A. Bargue-Sandoz… I know it, c & rsquo; is written warranty (from 2 years old…) neatly folded in a plastic bag and stored in the drawer of the beast. That I & rsquo; love doing this kind of discovery, j & rsquo; s kinda & rsquo; d & rsquo impression be Columbus…

This small blouse Viktor & Rolf pour H&M was perfectly circumstance to capture the win. I l & rsquo; looked for years, before you find there are some perfectly nine months and on my size videdressing

This photo shoot, c & rsquo; is just the icing on the cake (au chololat)…

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– Viktor Blouse & Rolf pour H&M, short topshop, H tights&M –

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