It had been weeks that & rsquo; they taunted me these miniatures ! From editors in newsrooms I saw them pass under my nose all day long in & rsquo; agency where I am working.

Alors, I decided to use them to go for a photo shoot with history tame. With large cream umbrella socks and my dress H&M fetish they were perfect. I went to hang it all in a small cobbled street : Eginhard the street in the village St Paul, d & rsquo; & rsquo because first, she is very pretty, and secondly because that & rsquo; much quieter it is to take pictures (you don & rsquo; not imagine how people are watching my fiance and me when we do it in the street !)








– Robe, velvet jacket and scarf H&M, bata shoes, socks drums Princess –

? Voir toutes les photos ?

This model is a pair & rsquo; pumps “Eglantine”, I find them really chewable, and c & rsquo; s funny because it “any python” + the node m & rsquo; really evokes princesses shoes so that I & rsquo; have thought that impossible. They will be available in some stores Bata * and Bata.fr from Wednesday (1April) with a collection in the same spirit.

It was completely designed by Julien Granero winner of the third contest “bata young designers”. This contest rewards every year a designer for a shoe collection which is then edited by brand. N & rsquo; feel free to try your luck, inscriptions for the next are still open.

* I don & rsquo; not have the exact list, but in Paris there will fail to St Lazare stores, Halls, Rue de Rivoli and defense.



Yes, good… We d & rsquo; agreement, Minnie has rather yellow shoes. But I do not know why, with their small mouth, these shoes remind me of Minnie…. Bizarre. Because even the shape of shoes Minnie n & rsquo; have nothing to do.

C & rsquo; s often & rsquo; & rsquo picture that; magazines use to park the brand Chie Mihara, I saw them I believe in Biba, a few months ago. They m & rsquo; have immediately made the & rsquo; eye with their pretty purple velvet and those little mouths so glamorous and surreal limit. Mais damned, as c & rsquo; is an older model, it n & rsquo; there was no way to get them, impossible to buy.

C & rsquo; is now done SINCE & rsquo; there are still a handful Sarenza !




– Leather pumps and suede Chie Mihara –


This year I'm still not really motivated by balances, after the passage of private sales, balances c & rsquo; is not that horny. As for balances this summer, I set a goal one, and I m & rsquo; stick to it, siiiiiiii : A pair of shoes, I mean a, and ptite dress but I still do not know which. For shoes I know, since that time’ they taunt me, I love them, and as I am a sensible girl I can not bring myself to buy at the current price (Théâtro small-melodramatic sentence to cry my darling and my banker).

These shits mihara will soon be mine ( à gauche), and if I missed the, I rabattrai me on T-strap of the same brand terribly years 20 (on the right), and otherwise, j & rsquo; buy 5 pumps pairs in Jonak to console myself, vala !

And you c & rsquo; is it your plan & rsquo; attack ?.